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Summer Under the Stars: August 1 - 7

August is always a stellar month for cable-subscribing classic film fans, because it marks TCM’s annual Summer Under the Stars programming. It is the month that we all become hermits and forget what trees, birds or flowers look like… because we’re glued to our televisions and don’t see any of these things for 31 days. 357 more words


Lana Del Rey sings "Blue Velvet"

The video is modeled after David Lynch’s Blue Velvet (1986).

Classic Film

"The Searchers": An American Masterpiece

A door opens. A silhouette appears on the screen. A woman comes out of the darkness and into the blistering Texas heat. Out of the sand-choked desert comes a man mounted on a horse. 2,344 more words

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2014 TCM Summer Under the Stars Recommendations

For you I do this thing. I have spent about 16 hours researching, writing, formatting, unformatting, and reformatting this nonsense. I have no idea how many hours I have spent watching these films. 5,203 more words

Was my love of film inherited?

A note from Lindsey: Today is my 23rd birthday! I’m celebrating here on the blog by ramblin’ on about my history as a classic film fan. 848 more words


James Garner


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Ach! I was up way too late this morning watching TCM and as I was fading away into sleep-land, I saw that today the channel was paying homage to James Garner. Oops. Well, I'd be camped out at home watching all of these films if I didn't need to get some work done, but I think I'll be back around 8-ish and ready to reminisce for a bit. Here's what's on the menu this Monday: Toward the Unknown Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend Grand Prix Cash McCall The Wheeler Dealers Darby's Rangers Mister Buddwing The Thrill of It All The Americanization of Emily The Children's Hour Victor/Victoria Marlowe