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Norma Shearer: The Forgotten Queen of Hollywood

The camera did not love Norma Shearer.  

According to Adele Roger St. John, a contributor to Photoplay, one of America’s first film fan magazines founded in 1911, 951 more words

Curious Diversions

Doctor in the House (1954)

Simon Sparrow (Dirk Bogarde) is at a turning-point in his life: he’s starting medical school at St. Swithin’s Hospital of London. Despite a few small misunderstandings Simon’s med school career gets off to a decent start… until he gets kicked out of the house where he’s rooming, when the landlady’s daughter (Shirley Eaton) takes a liking to him! 356 more words


The MacDonald/Eddy "Feud"

On the set of Sweethearts, 1938, where the “feud” rumors officially got started. This picture is one in a whole series that they did showing them “fighting” — to prove it was all a load of crap. 707 more words

Jeanette MacDonald

Look east

For good people.

Camera Zenit 11 | Film Lomography ISO 800 | Kundl, Tirol, Austria| Toma, Me, Jonathan, Sorana, Mira, Mihai, Lyuba


Speedy (1928)

I am a big fan of silent cinema, and really hope that modern day audiences will rediscover just how magical silent film can be. Movies never needed sound or color to enchant viewers, and comedy especially works well in silent cinema, where the gags are front and center, with no distractions from the pure comedic talent at work. 400 more words

Movie Reviews

Kate and Archie's Easter egg hunt escalated quickly!

Things sure did get out of control for Kate and Archie this Easter! Judging by the photo, Archie doesn’t look one bit pleased, now does he! 60 more words


Clever Movie Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

Biting the heads off chocolate bunnies and determining the flavor of questionably colored jellybeans is fun and all that, but cinephiles know the best way to celebrate Easter is by geeking out over movie easter eggs. 770 more words