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I’ll never forget the day my boyfriend (now husband) came to me super excited about, in his words, “the funniest movie he’s seen” and there’s another showing in half an hour!.   614 more words

Film History

Classic Dracula Movies Decorative Throw Pillow

‘Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!’ Classic films starring Count Dracula and his children now adorn this throw pillow. It’s a colorful and detailed collage of classic film poster images. 43 more words


Your year long film festival is always here, at the Astor

Victoria has been dubbed (via number plates) “the garden state”, “on the move” and “the place to be”. The state as a whole is a pretty big place (larger than the entire UK if we’re talking physical land mass) and it’s difficult when you work in Melbourne and dwell only around its suburban fringes to know just how garden like, moving and ‘to be’ it really is elsewhere. 429 more words

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Post the Seventy-Ninth: In Which The Women Come and Go

Gentle Reader, I was made aware of a large gap in my education this Friday. I had never seen the 1939 MGM classic The Women… 287 more words


Golden Girl

Carole Lombard is one of my favorite actresses from the 1930s.  She was captivatingly beautiful and thanks to stunts like this where costume designer Travis Banton… 53 more words

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A Bright Idea

Take 52 Week #29: Bright

What do you do when the theme “bright” shows up on a week of cloud and rain? You make a plan B. 239 more words

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