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What can you learn from Memory?

Tonight, D and I played our first “official” game of Memory. I bought the Disney Classic Characters Matching Game several months ago when I saw it on sale at Target. 521 more words


More Classic Series That Deserve Some Attention

Last week I talked about 10 specific series that I feel really need a new entry. Continuing that thought process a little more today, I have a few more franchises that haven’t seen action in at least a couple years, and deserve to get new games or in some cases, remakes/HD updates. 751 more words

27: Dark Cloud / Game-Makers (w/Cameron Kunzelman)

Cameron Kunzelman joins Kevin and Jim to talk level editors and game-maker games this week; then the trio quench an endless thirst for weapon repair and world building in Dark Cloud. 15 more words

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Pain & Gain: Challenge, Rewards and Fairness in Video Games

When I was a kid, it was common that games were so hard that sometimes you would just fold and admit defeat, giving up trying to beat the game. 2,968 more words


10 Franchises That Need New Entries

E3 this year was a unique blend of new IP’s and the return of some old fan favorites. So now that we’ve all had plenty of time to digest the convention, and get our plans set for this fall’s release schedule, I thought a lot about other franchises that I feel really need a new entry as soon as possible. 1,435 more words

Review: Mariokart Wii

With the World Cup currently straddling TV schedules like an excited gorilla with a vuvuzela that bites anything that looks at it funny (obligatory Luis Suarez joke), I thought initially of reviewing a FIFA game. 1,422 more words


Show & Tell: Bionic Arm Wrestling League

Jim and Kevin flex their bionic arms this week and explore more ways to use their limb extensions; then the duo mosey over, tap their hats one time on the bar, and make their game recommendations.

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