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Turbografx-16: Looking At A Good Game And Not So Good One

One thing I liked about the Wii was the idea of the “Virtual Console”. It wasn’t perfect – never any sales being the main issue – but it allowed me to get a number of games without the hassle of emulation and the mal-ware plagued downloads that tend to come from dealing with that. 1,236 more words

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Show and Tell: When Podcast Dad is Away

With Kevin out, Jim invites over special guestperts Davin and Lindsay Pavlas to par-tay! But before everyone passes out from the punch, the trio make their gaming picks for the week.

Classic Games

Review: Simcity 4

It’s great when these reviews accidentally turn out to be topical. I didn’t even know that The Sims 4 was coming out around now until browsing around a few gaming/film sites that had reviews for it describing it as quite lacking. 1,446 more words


Metal Slug Zombie Game

This is a fun game that I found online. It’s called Metal Slug Zombie Game. There aren’t many levels, but the concepts works you go back and forth, back and forth, killing zombies and what not. 15 more words


Note: There will probably be some spoilers in any update, though there is a good chance if you see this you may have already played this game :) 69 more words

Chrono Trigger

So I played for about an hour last night. And, like all OCD gamers alike, got stuck playing mini-games for the majority of the time. I’ll dive in more tonight and lets hope I can actually begin the journey without being drawn off course. 7 more words

Chrono Trigger