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Tappy Lander Dev Diary #5: Physics & Tricks

You’ve practiced and taken all variables into account. You zero in on the target. Finally, through the combination of calculation, instinct and luck… SWISH! Two points! 451 more words

Super Mario 64 playthrough

Me and Darby did a run through of Super Mario 64 for our new ‘Multiplayer Multiplex’ gaming channel.

I was the one playing, so I apologise for my incompetence. 27 more words


5 Questions with Nicklas Nygren

Nicklas Nygren, better known as Nifflas,  is the Swedish developer who has been slowly migrating his freeware fare to consoles and PCs. Creator of over 20 games, Nygren often uses a screen-by-screen approach to frame scenes, building worlds that feel large in scope and personal in their stories. 787 more words

Playing classic games with a PS2

The other day, a good friend of mine sent me an email talking a little bit about his new life in his new apartment. Emailing people just to know how they are is a tradition for me. 512 more words


Let’s Play Diary: Mario Tennis Power Tour

Mario Tennis Power tour is one of the better games the Game Boy advance saw due to its vibrant colours, great story and balanced game mechanics. 851 more words


Favourite Video Games Of All Time (Part One)

I have played a fair few video games, and continue to do so, in-between my other favourite past-times (that is, reading and writing). However, many new video games, in my view, are utter garbage, usually targeted towards the lowest-common denominator in terms of audience. 978 more words