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Aerodynamics? Super Honey Badger Don’t Give a @#*^@!

is a pro R/C Pilot from Australia. He’s spent the last few years chasing the dream of a fixed wing plane which could perform unlimited spins.  242 more words

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Bil Herd: Computing with Analog

When I was young the first “computer” I ever owned was an analog computer built from a kit. It had a sloped plastic case which had three knobs with large numerical scales around them and a small center-null meter. 724 more words

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The Entire Commodore 64 Library In Your Pocket

is just beginning his adventures in retrocomputing, and after realizing there were places besides eBay to buy old computers, quickly snagged a few of the Amigas he lusted after in his youth. 171 more words

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Cold War Clock is all Tubes

Clocks are great projects to build. They serve a real purpose, and there’s a wide variety of ways to implement a unique timepiece. ‘s Cold War Clock… 175 more words

Classic Hacks

Reverse Engineering Unobtanium

If you listen to and the rest of the Commodore crew, you’ll quickly realize the folks behind Commodore were about 20 years ahead of their time, with their own chip foundries and vertical integration that would make the modern-day Apple jealous. 318 more words

Classic Hacks

Printing Text with a Chart Recorder

Chart recorders are vintage devices that were used to plot analog values on paper. They’re similar to old seismometers which plot seismic waves from earthquakes. The device has a heated pen which moves across a piece of thermally sensitive paper. 153 more words


Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum

Don’t call it an arcade. There are arcade-like things about it… like dance-based video games, Skee-ball, and tickets — oh so many tickets. But Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum… 262 more words

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