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Chapter 21: Animal Farm

I’m not a hugely political person in general, I vote and I care but I also realize the brokeness of our system, so I try not to get too caught up in the events of US politics. 338 more words

The Vulgate Cycle ~ an introduction

So you sit down to read Morte D’arthur, and for awhile everything’s fine. Knights go on adventures, monsters are slain, Malory forgets whether Sir Colgrevance died yet, so he kills him again just to be sure; the usual stuff.  999 more words

King Arthur

Cluttered Thoughts As Usual

328 pages.
118 pages down.
210 pages more to go.

At 9pm, I thought of going to bed but I missed reading so I chose to read instead.:) This book is a pretty light read and very “teen-y” but I am reading it because a student suggested it to me.:) You know how it is when you assign classic readings to them, yeah? 258 more words

Dear Diary

The Story of the Champions of the Round Table ~ book review

Now that volume one’s established Arthur, the Round Table, and the basic setting, volume two of the Pyle series (1905), wastes no time bringing in the rest of the main cast. 1,215 more words

King Arthur

The Boy's King Arthur ~ book review

As mentioned before, tales of magic and the medieval experienced a resurgence in popularity during the 1800s. But while you had your Howards and Alfreds retelling the King Arthur stories from scratch (and often with their own embellishments), you also had your Sidneys, who pretty much decided, “Hey, we already have a perfectly good collection of Arthur tales from the medieval writers. 893 more words


The Story of King Arthur His Knights ~ book review

It’s fascinating to look back over history and see which events re-sparked interest in Arthurian myth. In the Victorian period, for instance, a disillusionment with the ever-growing Industrial Age inspired many to turn to tales of ages gone by. 1,211 more words

King Arthur