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Happy Birthday, Shakespeare!

Dear Friend,

Oh Will, you old fart! It’s your birthday again, and yet again you are not here to celebrate it with us. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to devote to a detailed description of your life achievements, but I do have a moment to say just a few words. 300 more words


Celebrate the classics

Austen & Alcott, Bronte & Beckett, Cervantes & Carroll, Dickens & Dumas – it doesn’t matter who your favourite classics author is. Nor do we mind whether you’ve read your preferred classic recently, or just vaguely remember it from high school. 116 more words


Celebrate the classics quiz

It’s time to celebrate the classics! And to celebrate properly, we  want to challenge your knowledge of classic literature with our fun quiz. Search your mind, your shelves and your preferred search engine for the 26 answers, each of which starts with a letter from A to Z and compete with other avid readers for prizes of a classic nature. 539 more words


Book It - The Old Man And The Sea

tap, tap…”ahem…Good evening, I want to take a moment to talk about my favorite author, Ernest Heming-*yanked off stage by a cane*-hey!”

I like Ernest Hemingway… 227 more words

SPOTLIGHT: Second-Year Danny Pluta Appreciates the Finer Things in Life

In this piece, the second of The Virginia Advocate’s series of multi-media student interviews in the new “Spotlight” section, I interviewed UVa Second Year Danny Pluta. 1,013 more words


Tell me not that I am too late...

Between building work, my own illness and other people’s illness, the blog is suffering and I’m very sorry for this. I have been reading though (upside of having flu is there’s ample time to read) and I’m now on to… 24 more words


Charlotte Brontë

Charlotte Brontë was born this day in 1816. She wrote one of my favourite novels Jane Eyre and it you haven’t read it please do so as it’s an absolute masterpiece. 30 more words