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Why, Bless You, Googs!

If you have a Google account, you get a nifty Google Doodle for your birthday. Tuesday (Aug. 26) was my birthday, and narcissism shot to record levels when I saw this every time I went online: 235 more words


A Surprisingly Good Book

All you lovers of classic literature will love North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell. Apparently it’s a very popular book that’s been made into a TV series, and I just so happened to never even hear about it until scrolling through the free classic book section of my kindle.  452 more words

Les Misérables By Victor Hugo (Book Review)


“It is too lofty, too high for me. I cannot contain it.”

See that quote above? That’s me, talking about Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. It is a novel that refuses to remain within the confines of “fiction” because it brazenly explores and displays the “realities”, the non-fictions, of life. 615 more words

Classic Literature

The Classics Club

I’d be willing to bet that when people think about classics, some of the first words that come to mind are “eventually” and “someday.”  I can’t count how many times I’ve heard people say that they want to read… 570 more words

Reading Life


If you are a fan of Jane Austen, check out the lostgenerationreader blog here. She is hosting an Austen in August event.


In vain I have struggled to hold back my thoughts, but it will not do.  920 more words


For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway (***)

An memorable and chilling story of a civil war, during particularly desperate and grim times.  Like many war novels, it evokes the tragic inhumanity at work in (and on both sides of) a war.  277 more words

Classic Literature

Monday Musings | Classic Literature

As someone who studied literature a lot in school I’ve come across my fair share of classics, from Shakespeare to the Brontes to Kafka. And while I have had varying degrees of enjoyment (one day I will try to read Dickens’ … 252 more words

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