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To blog or not to blog. That is the question. My interests are varied from dogs to crochet to old classic movies, old classic tv and books and of course, pizza. 44 more words

Classic Tv

70 Years of Christmas Memories

This article could have been titled 62 Years of Christmas Memories, since my first memory of Christmas would be of 1952 Christmas, when we lived close to Louisiana College in PIneville,, Louisiana. 1,151 more words


Tips for Writing a Twilight Zone episode

Here are some tips for writing a Twilight Zone episode. Keep in mind that some of the indirectness may be related to how TV audiences at the time were family-oriented and mainstream. 182 more words

Classic Tv

My Favorite Christmas Songs

I have been hearing the same Christmas songs, for most of my life, but never tire of them. I know I will leave out some great Christmas songs, but will list some of my all-time favorite Christmas songs with name and writer/writers of the songs.  1,606 more words


Throwback Thursday: Dolby Full Logic cassette decks were all the rage.

My father has always been known for keeping his cars LONG past their expiration dates. So long as the engine still turns over in the morning, he’s in that relationship for the long haul. 161 more words

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Classic Television: Green Acres 1965-1971

Green Acres 1965-1971

First Row – Eva Gabor, Eddie Albert, Eleanor Audley

Second Row – Alvy Moore, Tom Lester, Pat Buttram

Green Acres was one of the cornier CBS country comedies of that era, but at the same time it was one of the most entertaining. 727 more words