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Round and Round We Go, OR Why The New Season of Doctor Who Has Me a Little Bit Worried.

“Well, Peri, what do you think? Hm?”

“It’s terrible.”

“Oh, never mind about the clothes; they’re easily changed. What about me?”

“I meant you!”

“Sorry, afraid I don’t understand.”

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Doctor Who

Remembering Don Pardo

We knew the day would eventually come but Monday night, a golden voice was silenced.

Don Pardo, who embedded the phrase “it can be yourrrrrrs if the price is right” into American culture, died at the age of 96. 1,224 more words

Art Fleming

The Television Question...

Does anyone think that the TV shows of today somehow lack something that shows of old had?

I mean, I have heard some say that new shows are all about sex, etc. 407 more words

Happy Birthday, Lucille Ball!

As you know, I like to acknowledge the birthdays of my favorite authors.  And anyone who knows me, knows that I love classic TV and “I Love Lucy!”  You probably know that Lucy was the queen of comedy, but what you may not know is that Lucille Ball was also indeed an author.  315 more words


I'm Tired Of It - DVD TV Show Releases

I’m nostalgic for my TV shows – especially the ones that I used to watch growing up. I guess every generation has this sort of nostalgia – for me, it’s TV shows, movies, and video games of the decades I grew up in, so when a company announces one of my shows is going to be released on DVD/Blu-Ray/digital download, naturally I get excited about it, because I’m going to be able to watch what I remember, most often catching episodes I may have missed while I watched them on TV. 393 more words

Editorial Commentary

The Cabot Cove Police Crime Blotter: Jessica Fletcher On The Loose

I admit it, I’ve been watching “Murder, She Wrote” on Netflix with the AC cranked. It’s comforting TV. But did you know that Cabot Cove had a murder rate 50% higher than Honduras? 816 more words

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