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Day one hundred and seventy.

Today it feels like all the stress from past week wants to go out.

In days like this there’s no point in thinking at all because it leads to nothing good, or – at least – nowhere. 408 more words

Classical and operant conditioning


Classical conditioning is focused on reinforcers before the behaviour. Classical conditioning involves:
NS = Neutral Stimulus
UCR = Unconditioned Response
UCS = Unconditioned Stimulus… 516 more words

Counselling Theories

Learning by association (classical conditioning) - a powerful tool in dog training.

Here I discuss classical conditioning – learning by association – in dog training. Dogs make associations constantly in their environment. By having a greater understanding of what we are doing and how this effects the associations our dog makes, we will have a more harmonious life with our dogs.

Dog Behaviour

Why I believe in Santa More than Jesus

As our summer mission trips  (through the Wesley Foundation at Louisiana Tech) approach, I can’t help but set my mind and heart to the small island of… 2,775 more words

Phobias and Addictions

Phobias and Addictions

Jennifer Olivas

January 20, 2014

Psy 300

Learning is an unending process that changes our behavior and knowledge due to experience.  Behavior is the combination of a person’s actions and mannerisms as well as their responses to stimuli in conjunction with their environment.  1,218 more words