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O is for Operant Conditioning

What is Operant Conditioning? Well, it’s pretty much everything I’ve been talking about so far in this A to Z Challenge. Positive Reinforcement training is the method in which I elicit Operant Conditioning. 238 more words

A To Z Challenge

Re:Framed: Self-Control

We all struggle to achieve what we really want. Whether it’s life goals, a project, or exercise, they’re all difficult to make gains in and get things done. 612 more words


What can your dog see?

Here I briefly discuss what your dog can see in relation to what you can see, how this effects training and behaviour modifications and what we can do to rectify this/

Dog Behaviour

Hard Work

This past week I made a concerted effort to get Bijou out and do some remedial socialization work with her. It was worse than I hoped but better than I expected. 469 more words


What Happened to Summer's Thunderstorm Phobia?

Is it weird to write a post saying that something really shouldn’t have worked, but look, it kind of did? Is it irresponsible even? I keep pondering why I feel the need to explain all the┬ástrikes I had against me for this project. 1,481 more words

Stress Signals