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Science Sweet-Tooth: Charred Vesuvius Scroll Deciphered At Last

by Cake & Poison

Mount Vesuvius is one mean b*tch. The huge volcano, located in Naples, Italy, has erupted several times throughout history — but none of the… 825 more words

Check THIS Out

S. T. Coleridge

Dejection: An Ode
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Late, late yestreen I saw the new Moon,

With the old Moon in her arms;
And I fear, I fear, my Master dear! 1,087 more words


Curriculum Review of Movie Lit: The Classics go to the Movies!

Step 1: Watch the Movie Together

My daughter is a sophomore this year and she does not like to read. When I started planning this year (last spring), I remembered curriculum someone had told me about several years ago, called Movie Lit. 338 more words

Winged Words

Dear everybody who might read this, be proud of me. Be very very proud of me. In fact, you can be proud of yourself too for knowing me and being vaguely associated with me. 762 more words


The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: A Modern Rendition of Pride and Prejudice

If you follow the Vlogbrothers (more specifically Hank Green), DFTBA (Don’t Forget to be Awesome), or any other franchises connected to Hank Green and/or John Green… There is no way that you could have avoided this. 1,175 more words


Notable Mention - 1

Notable Mention” is a monthly post where I share three articles of important writing, pedagogic or literary development.

1. Indian classical literature of last two thousand years is about to be available; quite an authoritative version this is going to be; a project funded by Murty Classical Library, executed by famous South Asian literature scholars around the world, and published by Harvard University Press.


Classical Literature

Ready to add to your yoga library?

Some extremely exciting news from Harvard: There’s a new, vast and extremely broad collection of translations of Indian classic literature coming next week. As covered by the… 362 more words