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13 Days of Halloween: 13 Sins (2014)

Elliot Brindle (Mark Webber Scott Pilgrim vs The World) is a down on his luck salesman who always bore the brunt of his family’s needs. He pays for his special needs brother’s care, he puts up with a father who is unpleasant and ornery, he’s not respected at work. 1,125 more words


Black Friday (the Service not the Sale)

Recalling a conversation from several years ago….

“They’re having a Black Friday service”, I told my Lutheran boyfriend about my church.

“Wha- but they’re Unitarians, I didn’t think they’d observe Good Friday, and besides, it’s the wrong time of year.” he said. 625 more words

American Culture

Discourse Analysis on Boys Over Flowers

Sylvia Estrada-Claudio (1999), in her essay in Gender Sensitive and Feminist Methodologies, presented a strategy in employing discourse analysis of texts. She deemed it important to ask four distinct questions in trying to understand the ideologies presented by a certain text. 1,457 more words

TV Show

Another day in paradise

I’m Latin American and I’m Argentinian.

TW: slurs, racism, classism, and possibly many other things.

Let me guess? You think of Argentina and you think of Latin American people with a… 1,103 more words


the mouths of volcanos

monsters in the mirror

screaming clammering

bleeding and ready

ogres live

in the middle

of the shadow

and dissolve in the light

the spider web… 165 more words

Random Rantings Of A Madwoman

Princeton Low-Income Students Form "Hidden Minority Council"

Across the country, low-income students are gaining momentum at different elite colleges. It’s no coincidence that it’s happening now, as efforts to get low-income students into top colleges increase. 1,339 more words

'Self Portrait' and the 'Slut' Label

These self portraits (below) were actually taken specifically for a special zine that Clandestine Collective, which I and Georgia are part of, are thinking about producing. 988 more words

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