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The $$$tatus of Urban Farming

In Pha Lo’s 2011 Salon post, “When Eating Organic Was Totally Uncool,” the writer recounts her family’s history as subsistence farmers in a Hmong immigrant community in Sacramento, California. 532 more words


If we lived in a meritocracy OR the pointlessness of effort

We all grow up blinded by beliefs. Not only religious beliefs – taking the definition of a belief as something you hold to be unquestioned fact, in the absence of reliable evidence. 1,505 more words


SERIES: five classist attitudes you didn't even know you had: (final 5/5)

And we’re here! We’ve come to the final installment of the series.  Check out the first four below, and thanks for sticking through this with me, friends :) 502 more words

Socially Conscious.


People have always been able to find someone or something they don’t like. A lot of the time, they act on these feelings of hatred and dislike. 263 more words

If You're Poor, Your Time Has No Value

Email I sent to Gov. Inslee and my state legislators:

45 minute expected hold time (it ended up being a 52 minute call) to update my address with DSHS for Medicaid & SNAP. 234 more words


UPDATED - What Is Social Reproduction Theory?

Join us for a short presentation followed by a discussion on social reproduction theory – what it is & how it relates to everyday working class women. 91 more words

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SERIES: five classist attitudes you didn't even know you had (3/5)

We’re cruising through this series! This is part three of a five-part series, so if you haven’t caught Part 1 or Part 2 go check them out! 561 more words

Socially Conscious.