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the body beautiful and normcore

When I first learned about normcore a part of me felt angry and unsettled. When I read this article at the Style Con, I realized that was one part of the reason that the concept of normcore made me feel pissed off. 189 more words

if.... (1968): "Violence and revolution are the only pure acts."

Winner of the Palm d’Or at the 1969 Cannes Film Festival, Lindsay Anderson’s if…. (1968) is a strange film which shines a light on the trials and tribulations of life at a boarding school for boys. 449 more words

Film Grimoire

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This is a very interesting film, which is rare, and very much a film of its time. That time being that short window when education, previously the preserve of the elite, opened up to any child with the intellectual capacity. McDowell and his friends are class misfits in the elite educational establishment they find themselves in. As a result are oppressed by the classist hierarchy and made targets of bullies. But these kids are among the smartest in the land and learn the methods of their oppressors and retaliate accordingly. (They made good use of their education, then!) The ending was shocking at the time, which perhaps was the reason the film became an overnight cult classic. But taking the ending, metaphorically rather than literally, perhaps it explains why availability of elite education to the masses, was suddenly reversed. The McDowell of today would be at a bog-standard comprehensive, brainwashed with faux socialism, and never get within shooting range of the ideology and techniques used against the under classes to keep them in their place.

On recognizing white privilege and not expecting a damn reward for it

I saw this clip recently when one of my friends posted it and asked if Tim Wise was making a good case for himself or demonstrating his unchecked privilege/acting in a micro-aggressive way. 723 more words

New York Times: Seinfeld, his show, and inequality


I’ll admit it, I love Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. But the review has a point: it is, at its core, about rich people talking about rich people things. 36 more words

April 9, 2014 Special Meeting of Land Use Committee - Mo Karnage's Presentation

(hey that’s me!)
As always, never ending thanks to Silver Persinger for being an amazing activist and documenting so much of public process in Richmond. … 21 more words

Generation Y - eine Generation die keine ist.

In der Zeit und in der Tageswoche.ch wurde sich neulich mit der “Generation Y”, auch genannt “Die Immer-und-alles-Generation” oder “Generation Slash”, auseinandergesetzt. Das sind zwei Artikel, in denen “meine” Generation (in der “allgemeinen Meinung” scheinbar zusammengesetzt aus den 1980 bis 1995 geborenen) wenigstens nicht als unfähig und faul und ineffizient verschrien ist, als eine, die sich nicht binden will. 910 more words