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Draft Email to Parents

I don’t have enough peak minutes to talk on the phone much. But you need to put me above spending money on your dogs. I’m the one you created, and you have more money than at least 80% of Americans. 240 more words


So, rich folks want poor kids to stop trick or treating in their neighborhoods!

Ahh.. Just when you think that by this time, in 2014, you’ve seen and heard just about all the ignorance someone could possibly dream up, lo and behold, ignorance knows no bounds! 352 more words

22 10 2014

Lately, my thoughts have turned to social justice. I’ve been devouring articles on Ferguson, MO, and the murder of Michael Brown. I’ve rediscovered whole swaths of discourse on victims of racism, like Trayvon Martin and Sean Bell, as well as sexism, ableism, homophobia, Islamophobia, classism, and anti-Semitism. 732 more words

Am I Easy?

The rainbow of the internet has only two colors.

And this is the way people like it to be. 

So abhorrently opposed to seeing the other colors. 228 more words


Movie Review: 13 Sins (2014)

Elliot Brindle (Mark Webber Scott Pilgrim vs The World) is a down on his luck salesman who always bore the brunt of his family’s needs. He pays for his special needs brother’s care, he puts up with a father who is unpleasant and ornery, he’s not respected at work. 1,125 more words


Black Friday (the Service not the Sale)

Recalling a conversation from several years ago….

“They’re having a Black Friday service”, I told my Lutheran boyfriend about my church.

“Wha- but they’re Unitarians, I didn’t think they’d observe Good Friday, and besides, it’s the wrong time of year.” he said. 625 more words

American Culture

Discourse Analysis on Boys Over Flowers

Sylvia Estrada-Claudio (1999), in her essay in Gender Sensitive and Feminist Methodologies, presented a strategy in employing discourse analysis of texts. She deemed it important to ask four distinct questions in trying to understand the ideologies presented by a certain text. 1,457 more words

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