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Have they issued a verdict yet: Giving Rage a Shape, Form and Release

I woke up around midnight Tuesday to the phone ringing and my heart racing. I knew the verdict had come down. We had been awaiting the results for days, even after the Governor of Missouri declared a state of emergency over the whole damn state. 1,413 more words

calling for a grand jury to indict the perception that killed Michael Brown.

So the verdict is in.  No indictment. And with a few simple words we are left a fractured country torn apart at the seams trying desperately to figure out what the hell to do. 765 more words


"Welcome to Amsterdam" by Julia at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Thursday November 20, 2014
5 minutes
from a sign at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Because we couldn’t swim and we knew that we would have to. 97 more words


The dirty word. I’m reading an article on Buzzfeed (I know right?) and finding that some of these comments are really helpful in explaining white privilege to white people.   1,756 more words


Your Fave Is Problematic: Classism

*DISCLAIMER! Yes I am an 18 year old white male from a middle class upbringing. No, I have never had to face a lot of the stereotyping and prejudice that I am going to talk about, meaning I’m no expert. 1,486 more words


Admit It, We're Privileged

A few weeks ago, this post started popping up on my Facebook feed. And immediately I thought, you’re not helping. 

I’m a sorority girl. I’m very proud of the time I spent at Phi Mu and I can honestly say that I made some of my best friends in my sorority house. 827 more words

The $$$tatus of Urban Farming

In Pha Lo’s 2011 Salon post, “When Eating Organic Was Totally Uncool,” the writer recounts her family’s history as subsistence farmers in a Hmong immigrant community in Sacramento, California. 688 more words