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Through the Front Door: Sara Miles' Take This Bread and Classism in Contemporary Christianity

My recent review of Sara Miles’ Take This Bread is now up at Classism.org! Check it out here!


CLASSISM is discrimination made on the basis of perceived social class.
It is reflected in individual attitudes and behaviors
and systems of policies and practices… 16 more words


What your workout says about your social class


I think a mixed approach is best, tailored to your build. Position of bellybutton, length of limb, flexibility etc.

It’s true the betas (attempting to be your “betters”) try to look down on weightlifters, citing common myths e.g. 93 more words

Those That Fall Through The Cracks.

The middle class has become a murky soup of degradation and misery. As one pointedly aware of socioeconomic bias, I will admit that I don’t have the ability to create a scope of life outside of my own. 413 more words


You Feel That? I Don't...

One day during this past winter, I awakened from a deep sleep to a house that was, more or less, freezing cold. Quickly, I bundled up and made the long trek from my bedroom to the part of the house where the thermostat is located. 491 more words


why i'm no longer here for Mr. West

Kanye West never ceases to amaze me. From the rants, pseudo-intellecutal¬†thoughts, crazy antics…he never ceases to amaze me. Now, I was a Kanye fan back when he made hits like ‘Crack Music’ and ‘Jesus Walks’ (thoughtful sh*t). 667 more words