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I have never felt like I actually belonged to any real group of people or any social class that determines on which level of the pack I’m in. 301 more words


Growing the Beloved Community, Twelve Months a Year

For all that is our life! by Rev. Andrew Clive Millard

Not long after I’d moved to Connecticut in early 2001, I learned that there was a Unitarian Universalist congregation just up the road from me.   1,010 more words

For All That Is Our Life!

Michael Brown, Ferguson, and Implicit Racism in America

In recent weeks, everywhere I look I see pieces written by people about the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Some of the pieces support Brown, others attack Brown, all of them make explicit or implicit claims about what the incident means for America’s soul. 1,674 more words


The Nanny Complex

One targeted Individual described the experience of being gang stalked as like being married to an abusive husband – except you never married one.

In my experience being gang stalked is like a return to childhood. 421 more words

America's Priorities

Visit to the sleep doctor: $500

Custom orthotics: $350

.22 Beretta: $200

Ending your suffering in this shithole country: Priceless


The new school year ready to begin, and some students have found themselves out in the cold. Why? Such cannot attributed to a delinquency in completing the examination; It is not attributed to lack of success in their CSEC examinations; It is certainly attributed to the ridiculous- yes I said ridiculous- criteria set by schools that have Sixth Form. 590 more words

The Middle Classes are blinded by their own self perception -

- which is why they are so easily deceived by the upper classes.

When you are a working class person, especially a woman, you grow up knowing that the social class above you views you as garbage. 148 more words