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Lessons learned

(Composed 4/22/14)

Today was a little bit of an eye-opener, in more ways than one. I need to list them as I remember them before I forget. 1,441 more words


Week 11 Classmate- Pilar Garcia

Pilar Garcia (on the right) is a second year at Cal State Long Beach. She is a Sociology major and graduated from Garfield High School where she played soccer for a couple of years. 71 more words

Can't Stop Staring or What? (Part 2)

<—- Part One

Then one day, 2013-

“I was waiting outside Digital Signal Processing Lab for a viva and my gaze fell on dear old Barnacle, sitting inside the lab cheating from someone else’s paper (don’t judge me, its an important detail). 556 more words

Week 12 Classmate- Victoria Ortiz

Victoria Ortiz is a second year at Cal State Long Beach who is majoring in human development in hopes of becoming an elementary teacher. She has lived in west Los Angeles her whole life and is currently living off campus with a couple of friends. 116 more words

Week 12 Classmate: Jordan Gavero

     This week I interviewed Jordan Gavero. He is a first year student at California State University Long Beach. He is majoring in film and wants to make movies in the future. 105 more words


Can't Stop Staring or What? (Part 1)

“There is this boy in class, he stares at Anannya Kapur all the time man!”

“Anan.. who?”

“The smart ass wannabe nerd that took up DIP (Digital Signal Processing) during sixth sem…? 755 more words


Today, I lost a classmate only weeks away from graduation. Today, many lost a close friend and a family lost a son. I cannot fathom the pain of those who knew him better than I, but through it all, I know that there is hope. 384 more words