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Make It a Great Day, or Not—the Choice is Yours

Every single weekday for four consecutive years, I heard the expression, “Make it a great day, or not—the choice is yours.” The words resounded through the intercom speakers at my high school every morning at the end of the daily announcements, making their way to each corridor, classroom, and office in the building. 381 more words


Senior grader

The new academic year has begun, but in this month I just went to school for a week, because after that there’s an Eid(Muslim celebration day after fasting for about a month)   break for 2 weeks. 406 more words


176 My Personal Hell

Two Saturday’s ago I was sitting next to a pregnant woman in my class. She left halfway through the class to buy some snacks, and when she came back she had a full size bag of Funyuns with her. 130 more words


An Old Classmate

One of the struggles I have with working an afternoon shift is the ability to wake up early in order to have more free time to do things. 678 more words


Art School Life

Chatting with my friends about interview for college and stuff, and I realize how different it is speaking of “presentation” at my art school.

Commonly, we have a presentation as well as a criticism every time we finish a project. 193 more words


Learning how to use flash.

During the third week of school, we were checked out on the different types of flashes that we are able to check out from the school to borrow when needed for assignments or pleasure. 77 more words

Jordyn Cimbura

July 7

I found out today that a guy I went to grade school with died recently. Apparently he had been battling lymphoma for a couple of years.  210 more words