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My Ideal Classroom Design

Before this week’s readings, I was oblivious to the importance of the shapes of the classroom. I was aware that the learning space should have lots of stimulating materials such as posters and charts, etc, but I didn’t realise that the properties of shapes could trigger one’s emotions. 117 more words


The Classroom: a Learning Space

The physical environment has an impact on the way people learn. High quality teaching and learning must be matched with spaces that make our students willing and enthusiastic learners through high quality design. 141 more words

Classroom Design

Classroom Design - the past

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Mired in the thinking of the 19th century educators, this is the typical high school classroom that I teach in – however this one is cleaner and newer, and the majority of them do not have computers around the perimeter. 261 more words

EDFD459 The Learning Space

Classroom Design

This weeks readings were based on classroom design in the 21st century.

I found them interesting as I have never read research about classroom settings and the benefits of different ways to set out a classroom. 223 more words


21st Century Classroom Design

This week as a requirement of EDFD459 The Learning Space, we were asked to submit a forum post that we had previously submitted within the private learning space for our cohort. 525 more words

21st Century

How research is informing classroom design in the 21st century

After this week’s readings, I am very surprised and have developed a huge interest in classroom design. I knew before that classroom design was important but just how important I did not know. 149 more words