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Student Engagement

The key to student engagement is simple. It is about knowing our students “beyond the surface level.” Let’s design learning environments that give teachers a chance to really know their students. tlb


The Psychology of Colour

I thought this graph of the psychology of colour, provided by the Painters of Louisville, is a good tool to consider when designing the classroom. It gives a good idea as to how different colours can have an impact on emotions, productivity, calmness, and so on.


Classroom Management And Design

Classroom Layout?

I keep wondering how I would like to set up my classroom to reflect my student-centered view of learning.  I think about how I can make learning stations work with older students, whether I should adopt a class-wide theme, or if I should have a cool reading corner with bean bags. 377 more words

Classroom Design

Making a Makerspace: Top Five Materials in an Educational Makerspace

This is part four in my “Making a Makerspace” series.  You can catch the other articles here.

Makers use stuff.  Lots and lots of stuff.  855 more words

This Week In The Shop

"Designing and Implementing a Low-Cost Usability Testing Laboratory" by Kevin Garrison

Often times teachers and administrators feel a bureaucratic inertia when they attempt to argue and implement change. This inertia is often compounded when money is required to implement the desired change. 514 more words

Your Favorite Place to Learn? Probably Not a Classroom

I have a good friend who is a college professor. She wanted to take advantage of her students’ love of ubiquitous technology and change how they received information.  703 more words

K-12 Planning And Design

Student-Influenced Design

There’s a trend in classroom and learning spaces that has been developing recently. Add students-as-contributors to interior design. Blend in a healthy heaping of learning theory, and you get something I’m calling “student-influenced design” or “student-driven design,” depending on how much say the students have in the process. 924 more words

Classroom Design