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Future Learning Spaces....Breaking out of the Box

Please click on the link below to read an interesting Research Paper on Future Learning Spaces……..


Learning Space

Classroom Design in the 21st Century

It is essential for 21st century education to cater for not only the changing and diverse learner, but also for equipping them for the changing world. 226 more words

Draft designs - Rooftop area

I thought it would be a good idea to utilise the rooftop so students can observe and learn about renewable energy sources such as wind turbines and solar panels. 148 more words


Draft designs - classroom and surrounds

Draft design of my sustainable classroom:

North —->

I went with the shape of the rotating classroom (octagonal) although I am still unsure if the actual rotation is of any benefit. 297 more words


Week 7 - Student Engagement

Learning Goal: To find ways to increase retention in students and to find classroom designs that enhance retention and engagement.

Link: http://www.edutopia.org/rearrange-desks

Specific Resource:

“Wankmuller says seating arrangements should reflect the type of activity going on. 262 more words

Student Engagement

Future learning spaces

Hi all,

This week has us thinking about future learning spaces – an interesting concept. Each of the scenarios could happen, and many things need to be taken into consideration such as climate change, the global political climate, availability of resources due to these possible issues, population changes etc. 279 more words