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Curriculum & Pedagogy in Learning Spaces.

As people know there are many different learning spaces and children interact with them in different ways. It is a space where they can meet, discuss, share, learn and socialise together. 318 more words

Learning Journey

Classroom Design

Classroom design can have an impact either positively or negatively to a students learning. Too many times we have seen classrooms designed by teachers and architects without any consultation with the students. 274 more words

Learning Spaces

Curriculum, pedagogy, teachers and students: What do they have to do with CoP?

First things first, what is CoP? It is a ‘Community of Practice’. 

My thoughts on CoP is that it is a situation in which a group is collaboratively working together on a common concern or passion. 447 more words


My Ideal Classroom Design

Before this week’s readings, I was oblivious to the importance of the shapes of the classroom. I was aware that the learning space should have lots of stimulating materials such as posters and charts, etc, but I didn’t realise that the properties of shapes could trigger one’s emotions. 117 more words


Classroom Design

Classroom design in the 21st century is something I as educator have thought little about. Reading these articles has drawn my attention to the importance of research in this area. 265 more words


Classroom design

A couple of weeks ago, I asked permission to add a kidney shaped rounded design table to my classroom. On the day it arrived, it came in a box shaped like a pentagon, so the children had no idea what the table shape was, until it was built for us the next day. 79 more words

New Table