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CEP 811: Classroom Design

A lot of classrooms today are positioned in a way where students face the teacher. By facing the teacher the students will some how be able to better comprehend the material, or at least that is how it used to be understood (O’ Donnell, 2010). 1,163 more words

CEP 811

Future Learning Spaces

Two thirds of the way into our unit of study, ‘The Learning Space’, and armed with our knowledge of learning spaces and the modern theories of learning, we broaden our perspectives by thinking about specific scenarios 50 years into the future.  125 more words

Classroom Design

Looking into the future...

Scenario 1: It’s 2063 and the population of Melbourne has risen to 10 million. Huge numbers of school-aged children live within the CBD, and have no access to rural and coastal Victoria. 273 more words


Into the future, will we end up like the Jetsons?

This week the focus was about classrooms or learning spaces of the future.

Firstly, I looked at an overpopulated city where a classroom is put on top of a building. 375 more words

Learning Journey

Future learning spaces

Hi all,

This week has us thinking about future learning spaces – an interesting concept. Each of the scenarios could happen, and many things need to be taken into consideration such as climate change, the global political climate, availability of resources due to these possible issues, population changes etc. 279 more words


Let’s develop as Reflective Practitioners within the learning spaces

We develop as learners when we become reflective practitioners.  What does this mean within the context of learning spaces? How can I reflect successfully?  Schön (1987), Smith (1999, 2001, 2011) and Pappas (2010) enlighten us on the matter. 514 more words

Classroom Design

Learning Spaces for 21st Century

This is my Imovie about the 5 learning spaces .



Learning Spaces