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How can I align the 8 ways pedagogy with my western style lessons?

The next step is to apply theory to practice and create lessons aligning the 8 Aboriginal Ways of Learning framework with western pedagogy. I created a language lesson using the picture book  355 more words

Classroom Design

Veggie patches, sustainability and chooks in a school.

It’s 2063 and the last of the 1960’s prefab classrooms are being decommissioned. You have been given the brief to redesign a classroom that has direct access to the school yard, veggie patch and chooks. 867 more words

Beyond The Classroom

1960's Prefab Classroom with Direct Access to the School Yard

I chose this scenario as it is a design opportunity that I would love to be a part of if I had the chance. Access to the school yard, veggie patches and a chook pen – I can see kids being excited to come to school and eager to extend their learning within the green space, not to mention the endless learning opportunities the teacher can implement with direct access to the learning space beyond the classroom. 286 more words

Learning Space

Aligning the 8 Aboriginal ways of learning with Western pedagogical practices

The 8 Aboriginal Ways of Learning can be integrated into Western pedagogical practices. In fact I think the two complement and support each other for the development of the person as a whole, capable of living successfully in society.It involves such things as reflecting, noticing deeply, questioning, identifying patterns, making connections, exhibiting empathy, creating meaning, taking action, sharing with community, learning from others, respecting and helping others. 421 more words

Classroom Design

Future Learning Spaces

So far I have explored five key learning spaces of the present day, but what will these spaces look like years down the road? It’s a scary contrast when we think back to when we were children, we envisioned hovercrafts and cool robots jetting about in the futuristic world that would be 2020. 854 more words

Sustainable learning

It is important in the modern era to create classrooms that reflect a collaborative environment for learning. I believe that classroom design needs to be able to be manipulated and changed to source the type of learning that is taking place. 96 more words


My New Classroom Setup

When I first walked into my classroom it looked like this:

It had no color, vibrancy or life to it. I knew I could never learn in a space like this, nor did I want to work in one. 503 more words