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Summarizing and Note Taking

Module 4 introduced me to some great ideas about note taking and summarizing. Before beginning this module, neither of these strategies were things that I thought I would incorporate into my practice as an elementary special education teacher. 495 more words

Cues, Questions, Advanced Organizers, and Nonlinguistic Representations

One of the graphic organizers was the teacher rubric on advanced organizers on page 106. In figure 1, you will see the teacher rubric. I believe that this rubric will be a good check-in system for me next year to ensure that I am incorporating a variety of advanced rubrics into my practice. 596 more words

Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback


The four key elements to setting objectives are constructing those that are Specific, Communicated, Connected and Engaging-to-students (Dean et al, 2012). 568 more words

Providing Feedback and Setting Objectives

Dean et al. (2012) provided some good insights about setting learning objectives. According to the text there are four recommendations for setting objectives. These include setting objectives that are specific and not restrictive, communicating what the objectives are with parents as well as students, connecting the objectives to future learning and previous learning and helping the students to create personal objectives for their learning (p. 555 more words