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I Love That Teaching Idea: K-6 Ideas and Techniques for the Classroom

I Love That Teaching Idea:  “Creative and effective teacher-created ideas to improve your teaching and experience as a teacher.”

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The Busted Lesson

When the shit hits the fan.

Let’s face it. Lesson planning takes time, effort, attention to detail, and long hours of thinking about all the ways it could blow up in your face. 631 more words


Scar Bingo

Resources: Sticky Notes

Student Group: All students, from Classroom Management as an icebreaker

  1. Everyone writes a scar/injury that they have on a sticky-note.
  2. Going around the circle each person says their name and a short recount as to how they received their scar/injury.
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All Students

A positive learning environment: the first 10 minutes (Part 2)

This is the second of a four-part series of articles from Verissimo Toste, an Oxford teacher trainer, about establishing a positive learning environment in the classroom. 834 more words

Professional Development

Management and Control

Classroom management has always been a struggle for me. I guess that’s not shocking. Reports show that new teachers report struggling with classroom management the most in their first few years of teaching. 773 more words

Classroom Management

Using Technology in Classroom Management

Chapter three of Magaña and Marzano’s Enhancing the Art & Science of Teaching with Technology focused on using technology as a classroom management tool to create rules and procedures. 500 more words


Call Me Glenda.....

Time: Full Day

Level: Grade 6/7/8

Subjects: Math, Science, French, Phys. Ed

Highlights: a small boy yelling for all to hear that I was a practicing pagan goddess, learning the power of hovering, being informed that kids with extra body weight are fantastic, being accused of wearing the same outfit as the day before *gasp* (I wasn’t) 222 more words