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Thoughts about Classroom Management

My friend and colleague (teacher trainer) asked me to share any workshop session materials for teachers on Classroom Management (planning to run a course on a short notice in a new context and is in the process of learning more about the teachers and their needs). 965 more words

Trainer Reflections

Scared of Chaos

While volunteering for my Foundations of Special Education class this semester at a middle school in Largo, Florida, I was able to gain insight to various classrooms and situations. 1,174 more words

Form Defines Function

Form defines function, old saying, but what does it have to do with classroom layout? Quite simply, how you organize your class affects how your students learn. 46 more words

Classroom Layout

The Most Impressive Juggling Act

The Takeaway…

It makes sense that you’re exhausted; you’re doing incredibly difficult work. Recognize that even the “easy” moments in teaching require some of the most emotionally challenging work there is, and feel proud you can get up and do it every day. 445 more words

Sustainable Teaching

Collaborative Lesson Reflection

During my very first visit to my field experience school, while I was talking with my new supervisor, a teacher went out of her way to meet me and let me know she would be happy to collaborate with me if I needed to student teach. 969 more words


I Can See Myself Growing Here

What makes a kid decide to turn his life around?  At the beginning of this year, I sat in on Cynthia Castillo’s English 11 class, which had 45 students on the roster. 964 more words