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The Busy Teachers Intro to Dominating Your First Year

As first year teachers, we need all the assistance we can get.  Harry Wong, Fred Jones and others are great resources for beginning, setting up, and building a successful classroom.   1,116 more words


The Noble Profession

In my educational background, I’ve had a few really bad teachers, but I’ve had far more amazing ones. Those teachers really shaped my future and the way I see the world. 1,370 more words


A Welcoming Classroom Community for All Students

I am continuing my series on Precepts for the Classroom….

Providing a safe and welcoming classroom is vital to building relationships and community in the classroom. 391 more words


Magic X

One of the things I love about yoga is that, at the beginning of every practice, we start with a meditation where we set aside all our stresses, problems, to-do lists, and other nagging thoughts, and we set our intentions for the day’s practice. 295 more words

Tim McDonald on Classroom Environment

Students thrive in welcoming and caring learning environments where they feel safe and supported. In developing an understanding of what a welcoming classroom looks, sounds and feels like, start with reflecting on your life experience. 142 more words

Classroom Management

A House on the Moon?

My students from China were asked to draw a picture of a house on the moon. We had been discussing types of homes we have in the U.S. 39 more words

Classroom Intervention Plan

When creating a classroom intervention plan that encourages students to positively receive it, I begin the year with involving the students in creating classroom rules.  Then we discuss appropriate consequences for breaking the rules.   461 more words

Classroom Management