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18 - A Life Lived Through Stories: The Head

Keren Wilde was a magnificent specimen of a woman. She exuded power from every pore and everything about her said control. With her incredible power-dressing which was both sexy and professionally formidable. 5,447 more words


Creating a safe and engaging learning environment (Part 2 of 3)

This is the second part in a three-part series on creating a safe and engaging learning space. Click here for Part 1.

Here are some further practical ideas which can contribute to the students’ sense of safety in class and encourage creative learning. 311 more words


7th Lesson Reflection

This week my partner and I co-taught a Phys. Ed. lesson to our grade 7/8 class. We lucked out as we had the opportunity to practice the lesson in front of our peers and get some feedback in our EPE class before we had to do the real thing. 1,067 more words

ECS 301

All Good Things...

It is hard to believe that this semester has come to and end. I have to say that I learned so much through my classes, but mostly through my practicum. 1,863 more words

Classroom Management

EDU6130 Reflection: HOPE Principle H3

One of the classes I was most excited for in the MTMS program at SPU was Classroom Management.   One of the reasons I am attracted to teaching as a profession is that teachers, whether they realize it or not, are practicing psychologists. 405 more words

Classroom Layout

Classroom Management Apps and Anonymity

I’ve written before about the importance of protecting children on the Internet (see the post here), but I’ve been wondering more and more about what teachers may be doing that, unbeknownst to them, is compromising students’ anonymity. 242 more words

Technology Trends

What Is Classroom Management?

What do you think of when you hear the words, “classroom management?” Do visions of misbehaving students come to mind? Or do you picture a well-stocked, well-organized classroom? 304 more words

Classroom Management