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Day Nine: My Biggest Teaching Accomplishment - Finding My Most Powerful Tool

I may be a bit naive, but about once every few weeks I decide that I have just completed the best lesson of all time. I am so thrilled with myself that I run next door to any of my available colleagues and tell them that I have just taught the perfect lesson. 846 more words

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Creating My "Ideal" Class

Last week we were given a set of cards that represented 30 different student types, including students with learning disabilities, behavioral issues and different reading levels; cards also represented high achievers, social leaders, and conformists.   1,247 more words

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A Lesson I Learned in Using Humility.

As I had done previously in other posts, I discussed how my personal philosophy in teaching has highlighted a few things that worked.  One thing I have heard students often complain about is the aftermath of a teacher making a mistake and then using their power/authority to control the situation, at the expense of class time, student respect, or several other intangible factors that affect the learning environment.   809 more words


Getting Kids to Talk about Religion

One of the things that sticks with me from my adolescent psychology class, way back when, is that students need to take risks in order to learn. 862 more words


Classroom Context- Student behavior

Students in my cooperating teacher’s classes are much like my classmates in high school, easily distracted, self-conscious, and motivated to do well in school. The large difference between my classmates and the students in my cooperating teacher’s classroom is technology. 537 more words


HOPE standard P4 states “Practice the integration of appropriate technology with instruction.”  To me, this means that teachers should utilize the new technology to improve their instruction in the classroom.  258 more words

Classroom Management

Positive Phone Calls Home

Positve Phone Calls Home

This Edutopia piece is so right. We are often tired and bust, so we fail to take the time to let parents know when their children do what they are supposed to do. 42 more words