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Practicum is easily the most exciting part of my week. It feels like my mind is running with so many thoughts all day, from when I wake up until I crash. 445 more words

Classroom Management

Let's not just look out for errors

It can be quite difficult to remember all the errors you saw during monitoring and so it’s a good idea to use a notepad. However, many students may think that every time you write something down they’ve made a mistake. 142 more words

Classroom Management

Refreshing Restorative Practices 29/365

Of all the PD I’ve undertaken so far in my teaching career, the restorative practices workshop I undertook during my first year of has left an indelible mark on my professional life. 588 more words


A Space for Learning

Teachers, parents and other facilitators of learning dedicate a lot of time and energy to creating (or trying to create) the right learning environment.

As a teacher, I put a lot of thought into making seating charts to cater to the needs of certain students while trying to minimize distractions. 627 more words

0. A New Paradigm

Student Focused: Effective teaching through learning centers

The following post was first published in the January edition of BiBimBap, the bimonthly Jeollanamdo, South Korea teachers and foreign residents newsletter.

The Logic of Learning Centers… 932 more words


Real Talk, With Mrs. J

Dear parents,

I am writing to offer an inside look into the mind of your child’s teacher.  During a meeting with a parent today, I heard her say, “I think Mrs. 807 more words

A Special Education Teacher's Guide a Great Morning

It’s the most important part of the day. The way you begin your day determines a lot. Here are some suggestions to help make sure that each morning starts out stress free and full of energy. 433 more words

Classroom Management