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The True Value of Student-led Portfolio Conferencing

I was first introduced to the concept of a student-led portfolio conference many years ago, and quickly became a strong advocate for their use as part of any effective reporting and assessment practice within a school. 381 more words

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25 Attention-Grabbing Tips

Samer Rabadi from Edutopia published an article that will lead you to a google doc powerpoint (whatever the term for that is) about getting attention in the classroom. 14 more words

Classroom Practice

How do Students 'Learn' through Construction?

In my last post, I raised my concern that the theory of Constructivism is often misrepresented as theory of teaching, instead of a theory of knowing. 989 more words


Grit and Growth Mindset

Edutopia published an article about teaching grit and growth mindset – two things I will most certainly teach (or at least start teaching) within the first few days of school. 27 more words

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What's The Evidence on School Devices and Software Improving Student Learning?

The historical record is rich in evidence that research findings have played a subordinate role in making educational policy. Often, policy choices were (and are) political decisions. 887 more words

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Grow Your Brain

Donna Wilson of Edutopia wrote an article about brain plasticity and teaching kids about how you get smarter. I definitely want to start the year off teaching students how they learn and that they must Grow Their Brain by trying hard, practicing, and pushing themselves, because no matter how “bad” students are at a subject, they CAN get better and smarter. 78 more words

Classroom Practice

The First 5 Minutes a la The Nerdy Teacher

I read a post by The Nerdy Teacher where he discusses using the first 5 minutes of class as time for students to chat with each other and time for the teacher to chat and get to know the students. 202 more words

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