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The teacher learns

I’m getting better at making my expectations clear. Giving quick, short directions right away and repeating them until all students are with me sounds obvious, but it’s easy to move on without some kids and then you never really get them back. 180 more words


Tears of Joy

I cried today. They were not tears of sadness, but I felt embarrassed anyway. I had thought I would be able to maintain my composure until I was alone, but it didn’t happen that way. 562 more words

"I got a 1" , thanks to #JamPackedUK

2014 has certainly been an event-full (pun) year for me in many respects from the highs of winning awards and funding grants to the lows of losing cherished colleagues and friends in tragic circumstances. 672 more words


Archimedean leadership (5): Leverage observations - what next?

Art is never finished, only abandoned.”
Leonardo da Vinci

Likewise, any teaching strategy must either undergo continual revision or be jettisoned.  I believe the introduction of leverage observations has improved teaching and learning at GFS; when surveyed, most colleagues concurred.  

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Be fair, firm and consistent

Teenagers often have highly emotive concepts of justice. Therefore, fairness and consistency are important values when it comes to classroom management. 165 more words

Classroom Management

a coldcuppa

a coldcuppa for December 17, 2014

~originally published April 7, 2014 

Student: There is no way!

Student 2: That’s what I heard!

Student: Then how do the teeth disappear?! 99 more words