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Cognitive Mapping Experiment

Where in John Jay do people eat between 12:15 pm and 12:30 pm? 


Cognitive maps are representations of physical locations in one’s mind. Humans use them to help them recall information and to categorize that information with other like information. 568 more words

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Social Experiment - Breaking Norms: Classwork

Studying the Reactions of Strangers You Interact With For the First Time 


First encounters with strangers are oftentimes awkward and unsettling because you don’t know a single thing about each other, which is why many people tend to become wallflowers or just don’t like being social. 653 more words

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Above the Clouds

Narrative Journalism
Article #5

By Kristen East

My father is a member of a close-knit fraternity of men who have no fear of heights. 128 more words

University Of Iowa

Sketchup Curation

Curatorial Statement:

Horror of Reality

Inio Asano, Fuco Ueda, and Junji Ito under one roof. Or three, rather. Delving into the broken aspects of the mind and every place in between, these three artists (two manga, and one traditional) are masters at twisting reality into a grim reminder of what lurks beneath many of our surfaces. 427 more words


Peer Response - Quantitative Data Analysis Project

Check out my classmate Anna’s awesome study! She and her groupmates conducted an experiment on how people would react if one was to invade their personal space to an alarming degree. 27 more words

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Things I've Learned About New York City

  1. We convince ourselves that we’re rude to avoid confrontation
  2. New Yorkers are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet
  3. Apparently there are a number of subway performers that actually have a license that allows them to perform in the subway…
  4. 239 more words
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