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April 18 - AP Comp Gov - Dynastic History

After a few make-up country brief presentations from students who were absent Wednesday, the class compared the population control policies of Iran and China based on the reading assigned for homework. 33 more words


Creativity Class: Week 12

Class Reflection

Last Thursday, we had a guest come in to teach us about movement. I think it’s interesting how movement connects our mind and body, allowing us to express ourselves. 84 more words


Softimage - Walk Cycle

Continuing on from the ball bounces and moving on to more complicated animation, we were required to animate a generic walk cycle using a pre-made rig and character. 103 more words


Week 11: Post-Production

Thus far, I believe that our group has made it a long way in terms of our creative process for our group project. Although we still have work to do, I believe that we have covered some major milestones. 432 more words


Samples from journal entry 2

Later on in the Ayers chapter, he presents a letter from the mother of a Native American child who is concerned about her son’s entry into public school, which is pretty much always dominated by the culture of white, middle-class women who don’t have the cultural context (or aren’t interested in the cultural context of) the boy’s learning. 320 more words


Classwork and Homework for 4/17/14


Today we finished discussing the different types of volcanoes and then looked at where they occur, trying to relate the type of volcano to the geologic processes present at various locations.   207 more words