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Sebald's The Emigrants and Phantasms

Walking England’s oldest pathway in between immersing in WG Sebald, placing foot after foot on a path used by walkers 5000 years ago, reflecting on the memories and stones and truths in… 557 more words

20th Century

"The 'bricoleur'

…is adept at performing a large number of diverse tasks; but unlike the engineer, he does not subordinate each of them to the availability of raw materials and tools conceived and procured for the purpoose of the project. 94 more words


Vus à l’échelle...

Vus à l’échelle des millénaires, les passions humaines se confondent. Le temps n’ajoute ni ne retire rien aux amours et aux haines éprouvées par les hommes, à leurs engagements, à leurs luttes et à leurs désirs : jadis et aujourd’hui, ce sont toujours les mêmes.

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Sour times

Bigotry towards the revenant must end. They were once people too.

Art does not imitate life. Art anticipates life. — Jeanette Winterson, Art Objects

It is unfortunate when, in the name of realism, writers and filmmakers impose identitarian constraints on their works. 41 more words


TGA's Christmas Wishlist: Ethnographies, Academic Works, etc.

By Emma Louise Backe and Marie-Pierre Renaud

With Christmas approaching, we thought we would share our wishlist with our readers. Don’t be mistaken, we are not fishing for presents, but instead want to provide you with ideas of thoughtful gifts for the geek anthropologists around you. 810 more words

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