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Paying It Forward - Introducing Two New Blogs!

I have a lot of friends that are writers. I have huge respect for them, as I believe they are far better than I, with academia and so much experience behind them. 392 more words

The Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward: Reviews of Red Scarf Girl and Mao’s Great Famine

Mao’s Communist experiments, the “Great Leap Forward” (1958-62) and the so-called “Cultural Revolution” (1966-1972) created a disaster of unprecedented proportions in China. 854 more words

Claudia Moscovici

On Kamikaze Warfare: Inferno, the World at War 1939-1945 by Max Hastings

Japan’s kamikaze pilots during WWII bring to mind the operations of contemporary suicide bombers and terrorists. Heavily indoctrinated during their rigorous training in Japan’s imperial army, their suicidal missions did serious damage to Allied naval vessels in the Pacific, particularly towards the end of the war, in 1944-45, when Japan’s situation became more precarious, if not desperate. 418 more words

Claudia Moscovici

The Gypsy Holocaust: Review of The Nazi Persecution of the Gypsies by Guenter Lewy

The Gypsies also experienced a Holocaust at the hands of the Nazi regime. Initially, Nazi racial ideology expressed some ambivalence towards the Gypsies, by way of contrast to the Jews, whom they perceived as “vermin”. 622 more words

Claudia Moscovici

From Terror to Terrorism

The recent terrorist attack on the French satirical journal Charlie Hebdo brought to the foreground the threat of terrorism. On January 7, 2015, two Islamist gunmen armed with AK-47 assault rifles, a shotgun and a M80 Zolia forced their way into the offices of… 1,136 more words

Claudia Moscovici

North Korea’s State of Terror: Review of Nothing to Envy, Ordinary Lives in North Korea by Barbara Demick


For those informed about the dire situation of the vast majority of people living in North Korea, it’s tough to laugh along with The Interview… 1,034 more words

Claudia Moscovici

Lebensraum: Genocide, Slavery and Ethnic Cleansing in the Nazi expansion campaign

Hitler’s idea of Lebensraum–or, literally, creating more “living space” for Germany and the Germanic people by expanding to other areas of Europe and the Soviet Union through ethnic cleansing, deportation and genocide—was not original. 715 more words

Claudia Moscovici