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Remembering Bergen-Belsen: Review of Four Perfect Pebbles


In a child’s imagination, there’s a fine line between hope and superstition. For Marion Blumenthal, a nine-year-old Jewish girl imprisoned with her family in the notorious concentration camp… 852 more words

Claudia Moscovici

A Heroic Fight for Human (and Jewish) Rights: The Memoirs and Diaries of Wilhelm Filderman

Wilhelm Filderman, the Chair of the Union of Romanian Jews and the Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania (1923-1947), is not only one of the country’s most influential Jewish leaders, but also the person who… 660 more words

Claudia Moscovici

Review of Witnesses of War: Children’s Lives Under the Nazis by Nicholas Stargardt

Children were the most innocent casualties of WWII. Killed in concentration camps, orphaned by battles throughout Europe, languishing from starvation, destroyed by disease, targeted for their race, traumatized by violence, tens of millions of children throughout European countries suffered and died. 618 more words

Claudia Moscovici

Klaus Iohannis, Romania's new president-elect, viewed from abroad

A victory for Iohannis, a step forward for democracy and minority rights in Romania: Klaus Iohannis viewed from abroad

by  Claudia Moscovici

I have not seen the Romanian public so enthusiastic and optimistic about a political event since the anti-Communist revolution of 1989. 1,115 more words

Claudia Moscovici

Fury (2014) and America’s involvement in WWII

Initially, the U.S. didn’t declare war on Germany. In December 1941 America officially entered WWII by declaring war against Japan after the December 7 attack on Pearl Harbor. 621 more words

Claudia Moscovici

Review of "The Holocaust in Romania" by Radu Ioanid

Radu Ioanid’s The Holocaust in Romania: The Destruction of Jews and Gypsies Under the Antonescu Regime, 1940-1944 (Chicago: Ivan R. Dee Publishers, 2000), has received well-deserved high praise from Elie Wiesel. 902 more words

Claudia Moscovici

The Legacy of Serge Moscovici: The Holocaust and Social Psychology

Recently, on the day of his death (November 16, 2014), Le Monde published a tribute article about Serge Moscovici, considered by many to be “the father of social psychology”. 642 more words

Claudia Moscovici