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Part 1.4

After hours of sitting there in the baking sun, shaded by a strategically placed bit of jib sail he finally got some action. The line started to tug, lightly at first but then the reel began to whir. 1,202 more words

Part 1

Waking Up On The Bathroom Floor...

Another day another attack. Passed out in the bathroom, fortunately I fell slumped against the door and didn’t do any damage this time. This is what happens when yet again, my dad takes me out into a busy restaurant when I constantly tell him it isn’t good for me. 180 more words


We gotta get out of this place

So where do we go from here? Well, I was a ‘hot-shot know-it-all’ with Canadian and U.S. experience of leading-edge technology: London of course! Right into the middle of ‘the madding crowd’. 513 more words

A Peripatetic Lifestyle

A Journey Underground… Oregon Caves National Monument

Claustrophobia: A fear of confined places

Acrophobia came up in my blog about Mt. Whitney. No surprise there, thousands of feet are between the hiker and a rather unfortunate landing. 870 more words



22 July 2014

Dear Max,

We went to Raging Waters, a waterslide park. I didn’t want to go on the purple slide because it’s an enclosed tube. 249 more words


Stupid Anxiety

A little over two years ago I had an anxiety attack at the intersection of Rock Road and Central in Wichita, KS as I pulled into the left turning lane on my way to work.   1,216 more words