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P2 (2007)

Director: Frank Khalfoun

Starring: Rachel Nichols, Wes Bentley

With most horror movies, I don’t find myself wondering what’s happening inside the mind of the villain, what his motivations are, and so forth. 1,350 more words

Movie Review

Interface Claustrophobia

I have an Interface Claustrophobia. Small or lack of spaces in the interface makes me anxious. Space sounds like a simple thing, but it can give a significant improvement to the experience, especially if we want to simplify the interface. 166 more words

UX Design

living freestyle - skirting around social norms

I wonder if it is very telling that I have no problem answering the door to the postman in my dressing gown. I wonder if I should be ashamed of still being in my PJ’s at 11:30 AM and making the poor guy traipse up the stairs to get my scribbled signature. 707 more words



Everyone’s scared of something. They say they aren’t, but secretly we know there’s something.
I have two main fears (/phobias):
1) Claustrophobia – or Fear of Confined Spaces. 213 more words


anti-bucket list

Top things on my list of things I don’t ever want to do, places to go, etc? Kind of an odd question, probably because I don’t usually think in those terms. 157 more words


Mike's Special

people were so friendly today everywhere i went. i could not figure it out. because weekend days right before the holidays can sometimes bring out the worst in people. 338 more words