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Two week mental breakdown

So I haven’t wrote in a while and I’m sorry about that. I guess I didn’t know what to write about and I still don’t. But the last two weeks have seen my decline emotionally and it’s lead to me restarting my medication, (though the wightloss side effect is nothing to be sad about). 527 more words

Are Mammograms A Thing of The Past? 3D Ultrasound Could Be The Answer

If I said that I was very excited to be going for a Breast Scan, you would probably think me mad. We all know early detection is key but the screening scans leave a lot to be desired and many of us put…… read more…


If I wait long enough,

I can feel myself struggling to breath.

The walls seem much thicker in this little room.

But I suppose this is the price I pay for



7: Get out of your comfort zone: Volkswagen is fit for family

Volkswagens are more than they seem. Take the Beetle, it appears small and cramped but when I observed my sister’s Beetle Turbo I noticed that there was actually much more room than I expected. 163 more words

Revelation at the Art Gallery

My mother is a stupid ignoramus! All she cares about is her image and what all the coffee morning mothers think of her. I bet she didn’t understand the symbolism in airing her dirty laundry. 998 more words


Twenty Fourth

Dear Magic,

Am I fooling myself? I’ve asked myself this very question at least thousand times. The answer was so hazy that I could not even have a glimpse of it. 222 more words



Directed by John Erick Dowdle

Those Dowdle brothers love found footage horror movies. As Above So Below is John Erick Dowdle’s third found footage horror movie with the other two being the brilliant, The Poughkeepsie Tapes and the awful zombie remake, Quarantine. 217 more words