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Jiu Jitsu Claustrophobia

And im back :)

I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while now but I had no idea how to go about writing it. Some people will probably relate really easily to it and others might not get anywhere close. 1,361 more words


The Box - or the extraordinary adventure of a mediocre man

Level 1.

I need to think. There isn’t much else to do in here, after all. I need to think. It’s amazing how one can get distracted even if there is nothing, absolutely nothing around to get distracted by. 8,644 more words


Day 8: Do you have any other diagnoses?

31 Days of BPD *Trigger warning*

I also have Cyclothymia, which is commonly known as a lesser version of Bipolar.


I’m not the best person to differentiate between this and BPD as for me the symptoms all come together and therefore I’m not 100% sure what is a result of what disorder (other than maybe what Google tells me). 208 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

I'm Not Actually Claustrophobic; Only Problem Is, I Think I Am

I adopted Claustrophobia as a kid. It seemed like a decent enough phobia to take on, not too far fetched. I’d been told my mom was Claustrophobic, surely it’s genetic. 776 more words

I Am

One Small, Measured Breath At a Time

I went spelunking once, and one time only. Man, it was fun.

It was one of those college things, a bunch of people I barely knew were going, so I found myself heading out on this expedition with no real clue. 679 more words

Upside Down Kingdom


Yesterday I went in for an MRI on my brain. I guess my regular doc thought it would be a good idea since the blackout. I know something is wrong, I still feel those same feelings as I did before the blackout occurred. 499 more words


New Beginnings

I’ve been wanting to do a blog for a long time now but I never knew what to write about. It’s always suggested to stick to a theme but I wanted to write about everything I came across. 559 more words