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Children and Claustrophobia

I’ve known for some years now that the thought of having children doesn’t really appeal to me. The first response that may spring to your mind is ‘that’ll change when you’re older’, which it might. 498 more words


Quit Getting in Your Way

For as long as I’ve known, I have always been a talker. Miss Dorothy, my Godmother, says when I was a baby she would keep me during church and every time my dad would get up to preach, I would compete with him. 960 more words

Casondra Radford

28th Oct. Facing My Fears and Panicking All At Once.

if it scares you, do it!

Advice I have heard time and time again, I think I’ve even given it before. And it’s pretty sound advice, we’ve been taught to fear the unknown as a tool for self preservation. 367 more words


Anxious Places

By Caterina Albano

In Beyond the Pleasure Principle (1920), Freud observes that ‘fear represents a certain kind of inner state amounting to expectation of, and preparation for, danger of some kind, even though the nature of the danger may well be unknown’. 1,073 more words


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These are some images from my final outcome for my first project at UWE. Our brief was to create a zine no bigger than A4 on whatever theme we wanted. 68 more words