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The Evolution on Concepts

The concept of a claw hammer did not just pop into the human mind from out of non-existence.

First was the concept of a rock. 806 more words


Marissa Devualt jury ends day four of deliberations; still no verdict reached

Four days of deliberations and still no verdict in the Marissa Devault murder by hammer trial. Outside of some interesting court shenanigans that played out in a victim’s impact hearing earlier in the week and one juror question never revealed, the thirteenth floor of the Maricopa County Courthouse has been fairly quiet. 471 more words

The Anti-Mogul (aka Long Gone John of SFTRI)

(Written for a great fanzine I can’t recall the name of, 1992)

The Headquarters of Sympathy For The Record Industry–perhaps the world’s pre-eminent truly independent label–is in Long Beach, California in a smallish house crammed to the eaves with record boxes and artwork and tapes; but also with paintings and wacky looking statues and ghoulish dolls and odd photos and little figurines and beggar’s bowls carved from human skulls. 1,685 more words

Selected Pieces

Marissa Devault jury deliberates while drama ensues outside their presence

A pair of sparkly stilettos and a caramel macchiato don The Trial Divas as we get ready for day two of verdict watch in the Marissa Devault trial. 1,400 more words

Jon Wahl & the Amadans and Beethoven and Nick Drake and Moby Grape and e e cummings

My bro Jon’s over at the pad now, listening to the test pressing of his new record. It’s an EP, five songs, on some very nice vinyl. 288 more words

Extending the Concept of Hammers

Hopefully now we are at a point where we can see the world as an interconnected, conceptual map, that we can navigate from point to point. 763 more words