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Always wanted a clawfoot tub? Here ya go!

Our master bath has a long way to go but I spent a couple hours this week working on a quirky little update to our ubiquitous master bathroom garden tub.  195 more words

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5 items every bathroom should have

Yes, your bathroom surely needs a toilet, a shower and a sink. But these aren’t the only essential pieces that should make up this space in your home. 470 more words

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Bathroom renovations: What to do beforehand

Renovating your bathroom is a big project that requires a lot of necessary preparation and planning. If you set a budget and start early, your dream bathroom design can easily become a reality. 383 more words

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Why should you choose a cast iron bathtub?

If you appreciate classic, timeless elegance and a bit of a vintage feel in your bathroom design, then you should consider a cast iron bathtub. 365 more words

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How to: Add a vintage-style bathroom to your modern space

If you live in a modern home but love the look and feel of vintage decor, there are ways to incorporate both updated and old-world vibes for a unique and personal bathroom. 318 more words

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What questions should you ask yourself before starting a bathroom remodel?

When you decide to live in a home for the long term, it makes sense that you would want to tailor it to suite your personal needs, styles and tastes. 513 more words

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How to: Determine the right height for bathroom features

There are several factors to consider when creating a new bathroom design. Luckily the layout and floor plan should be pretty simple since you know where the plumbing is already, so you can tell where features that require running water will go. 479 more words

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