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Coat of Red, Coat of Gold

Welcome back to part two of this highly unusual and deeply untruthful three-part series here at Factually Deficient! If you missed Part One, or read it but just kind of miss it and want to read it again, you can find it… 578 more words

Blatant Lies


I see claws inside of you

That could be because when I fight, I fight scared.


Claw It Like You Mean It

My obsession with claw nails is no laughing matter. These are the colors that Lana, Riri and myself are obsessed with this season. Bon chance.

Almond Shape

The epitome of innocence

‘Who? Me? Carve up the house with my claws? What would make you say such a thing?’

‘Look at this face. Does this look like the face of criminal? 32 more words

Photo A Day

Human Menagerie

The world is just a menagerie

and we-I, You, They- are just the wild

beasts rescued from the savage slap

of airless, empty space and the burning heat of… 79 more words

Between a Girl And a Demon - Part One

Beth turned around in bed and bumped into Ugrunt. He was fast asleep and the sun has risen ages ago. She rubbed the spot where he had bitten her the night before. 375 more words