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The crucible..

I think my best friend and I may have agreed to each do an exhibition of paintings if the other will… Which of course means we both have to…  Thankfully I think that last night I realized that I have begun producing works that I genuinely love, so that’s handy. 40 more words


The Old Dope Pedler

Yes, okay, I can be a bit bitchy some times.  So the last song I’m posting for tonight is maybe a little bit more caustic than it should be.  161 more words


#100happydays - Day 30

Am at my mother’s house again, which means I get to hang out with (apart from the sleepy tiger) the snoring monkey/meerkat and She Who Never Sits Still and Therefore Looks Blurry in Every Single Picture. Yay, cats :D


Haiku - cool cat 2

beware sleeping cat
surprised out of summer doze
sharp claws bring bright blood



There is a helmet here

It’s precious gift is writer’s block

In a daze, a lazy fog

No choice but to stop

To cut out all the pretty talk… 31 more words

My Saturday garden

The things you see in your garden..and she never eats my plants….