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Keeping An Eye On The Weather - Two, A Birdseye!

Like a similar image posted last year, I believe this is a Northern Woodpecker, who apparently likes to ride on my weathervane.  Calling him “Klingon,” and wondering how he “gets a grip,” he brazenly sang a happy tune as he swung around, inspiring me to focus on his …sharp little claws.  33 more words


Another Cat Paw And Claw Photo

I thought I upload another photo for my cat paws and claws photo series. Above you can see a close-up shot that I took with my point and shoot camera when… 7 more words


Food for Muslims

  •  Muslims are allowed to eat food of the Jews and Christians if Allah’s name is mentioned first. This applies to meat of animals slaughtered by them, except pig’s meat .
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Fantasy Avatar

This is James. James is 7′ 6″ and is very thin. He spends most of his time working in a supermarket, where his height allows him to reach things other people cannot. 86 more words


The answer is in the mud

When you live on Vancouver Island, there is always the chance spotting a bear or a cougar, although they generally avoid contact with people. When you see bear tracks in the mud, how do you know if it’s a black bear or a grizzly bear? 221 more words

Vancouver Island

Neater Feeder Review & Giveaway *Ends 10/24*

We all know that feeling of walking into the kitchen with socks on and getting them wet, due to your pet spilling their water or that crunch sound when you have stepped on some of their kibble, I have experienced both first hand, and it can ruin your whole day especially if your running late grabbing coffee and trying to put your shoes on as you head out the door. 472 more words

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