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Bloody toes and missing claws

Poor Peachy came home one night with 3 missing back claws and bloody toes. He must have gotten stuck and was trying to claw his way out. Now he’s recuperating.


Cat Claw Growing into Pad? Ingrown Cat Nail?

How do you survive in a world of predators and prey? Hide weakness. Look normal. Act healthy. No matter what.

This is your cat’s code of survival. 362 more words


The Beast

Breaking its back the garrulous beast cracks the moonlight in its bones.
The beast has many claws and horns but it still suffers, it still bleeds. 63 more words



So this girl sat next to me in classical studies the other day, and I looked over at her and saw that she had claws. Actual claws. 7 more words

Go Go and ingrown nail (claws)

Like literally, that guy over there is my absolute darling, he is an exotic short hair mix (I think he has a bit of scottish fold somewhere in the gene pool. 197 more words

Go Go

I wanted to be scary

This one just wants to be scary.

I always wanted to be scary, not just nice.

I wanted my sight to fill people with ice. 375 more words

Animaly Story