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Your mouth, turns like a
million traps set in the
corners of a thousand log cabins, it
turns and breaks, fights the
tiny sounds in the air, sounds… 29 more words

Sunday Selfies catch upz

Oh boy we iz late fur The Cat on my heads Sunday Selfies

So here we goes guys..Grannie just can’t keepz her handz off me..BOL.. 55 more words



I watched the light shine.
Of the bonds that held her.
Of the bonds I set free.
Tiny metal claws.
That dug like vultures.
Intertwining with one another. 104 more words


Nail art or Claws?

What is the deal with these pointy nails?

On some women they look great and even borderline classy but on me, it’s another story. I will poke my eye, my face, people, dog, tree…you get it. 27 more words


don't press too hard

your back dug into my flesh.

last night you damn near
scraped my back bone,
tracing my pits with yours –
and i could not reach water,

for the spring lay empty.

Sequel Mondays!

Bride Elect: Evolution of a Bridezilla

Chapter Forty-Nine—Briefing the House-Sitter

With all of my family heading out to join us in BC for our wedding, we were without our usual cat—I mean—house-sitter. 689 more words