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Cat Lovers Demanding NYC Shelters Stop Killing Strays

Cat lovers across the globe have their claws out for Mayor Bill de Blasio, demanding that he stop the city’s Animal Care & Control shelters from killing stray felines.   45 more words

Save a Life

I will have to say, I think I saved a life this past week

ok granted it was an animal’s life, but still, pretty dang cool. 264 more words


Open Door

I can’t even open the door for five seconds without this one making her way to the top.



I made another elephant but this time, I used my new skills, drawings and photos to make it more realistic. The tusks were made with polymer clay, then painted with several coats of white nail polish. 311 more words

Rawr Kitty

Date Stamp: Wednesday November 12, 2014

Hey, this is another entry in all of this backlog, but I am making progress this time. Once I get this entry done, then I can start my typing backlog – yay! 258 more words