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Great Moments in Jon Heyman's Hall of Fame inconsistency

Earlier today I poked fun at Jon Heyman’s Hall of Fame column which excluded people he thought cheated. Or, actually, since he wouldn’t say if he truly thought they cheated, excluded people over whom “the steroid specter” loomed.  462 more words

MLB unlikely to institute a pitch clock in 2015

Jon Morosi of FOX Sports is reporting that MLB is “highly unlikely” to adopt a pitch clock for the 2015 season. The pitch-clock rule was being tested in the Arizona Fall League, which stipulated a pitcher had 20 seconds between pitches to get the ball back, get his sign from the catcher, and begin his delivery. 117 more words

Red Sox Moving and Shaking This Off-Season

MLB.com’s Richard Justice sized up eight MLB teams which have taken the biggest leaps forward this off-season.

And the Red Sox – along with the Blue Jays – are the AL East teams that made the list. 248 more words

Boston Red Sox

Red Sox: No Ace, No Problem

The Red Sox have rebuilt their rotation this off-season by adding Rick Porcello, Wade Miley and Justin Masterson – players that provide upgrades over the back-end of the rotation… 356 more words

Boston Red Sox

Do the Red Sox need a ace?

The Red Sox last season traded away all their starting ace’s. Lester signed with Chicago and Peavy signed with San Francisco, Lackey picked up his option to stay with St. 84 more words

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Clay Buccholz, Tiger Woods - Erratic Play Microcosm of Opiate Use??

I was going to have a long conversation about this, and I’m not making any claims or allegations that any of these athletes are partaking in any of these drugs. 481 more words


Looking at Steamer Projections for Red Sox Pitchers

The Boston Red Sox rotation has been seriously shaken up over the past year, and now it’s up in the air going into the 2015 season. 182 more words