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An assortment of some of our favourite photos from 2014

Master of Hounds and Whippers In exercising the pack

And they are offf..

Lady riders mounted side saddle

The hounds on a Boxing Day gathering… 86 more words

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Shotgun Cartridge Shot Strings Explained - Courtesy of Field Sports Magazine & Simon Ward

There’s more to a pattern of shotgun pellets than you might think, as Simon Ward explains.

It is a fair assumption that most people who shoot rarely consider shot string. 1,151 more words

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Sporting Clays Highest Shots - Courtesy of Gun Digest

Of all the shots in sporting clays, the tower station might be the most maddening.

Like a smug Canada goose on a pass shot, the clay nearly scraps the stratosphere and leaves shooters busting nothing but the wide blue yonder. 133 more words

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Switching From Shooting An Over-Under To A Side-By-Side Shotgun - Courtesy of Sporting Gun

In days gone by, the Side by Side shotgun was king of the sporting field but today, most people are entering the sport of game shooting using one of the exceptionally reliable Over and Under shotguns made in Britain, Europe or elsewhere. 1,314 more words

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Six Shotgunning Tips for the Field and Range - Courtesy of Brad Fitzpatrick and Gun Digest

Whether game bird shooting or having a day on the clay pigeons, here are six ways to improve your overall performance.

Before You Start
Shotgun basics begin before you’re on the range or in the field. 1,005 more words

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Ten Reasons Why We Miss Pheasants - Courtesy of Mike Yardley

1) We stop the gun

Of all the mistakes when shooting driven game this is the number one cause of misses in my opinion. When I take note of my own shooting and that of other sportsmen, checking or hesitation allows more pheasants and other quarry to fly on than just about anything else. 1,508 more words

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The Critical Importance of Correct Gun Fit - Mr. Ian Coley, MBE

Those of us who have been shooting for some time will be fully aware of the critical importance of having a firearm that fits your particular build and stature. 83 more words

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