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For my avatar I had to make a creature with a serpentine body, angel wings, a hat/crown, tentacles and gross skin.  From those characteristics, my character Emil was born.   96 more words


Computer Bug Maquette

My CPU bug lacks a lot of definition in many different senses.  He resembles that of the prehistoric single celled creatures that initially inhabited this earth and has many different colors.   22 more words


Bits of Halloween Cheer

Halloween is almost here and due to the move, we haven’t had time to decorate. I can see where the Halloween decorations are buuuuuttttttttt they are still behind a bunch of other boxes. 35 more words

A Very Important Letter

Clay is learning how to write letters in school right now. He’s learning how to start them, punctuate properly, indent his paragraphs, and how to sign off. 282 more words


Lack of Interest

Starting the new academic year I’ve noticed that I seem to have lost my ‘passion for pots’. I cant help but feel that its just a self perpetuating, inward looking, boring practice. 219 more words