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Q Surviving the Digital Revolution? A IT’s New Role With the C-Suite

Technology writer Nicholas Carr caused a stir in 2003 when the Harvard Business Review published his article with the provocative title “IT Doesn’t Matter.” Carr argued that IT had become an industrial infrastructure commodity just like railroads…

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Consultants With No Real-Life Experience Can Kill Your Business

A few weeks back, my attention was drawn to an article written by Richard Branson: My problem with consultants. Reading the article, I came to the conclusion that the problem was something that everybody knew, but nobody wanted to talk about: why are… 1,334 more words

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What is Disruptive Innovation?

We commonly hear these two words. But do you really know what they mean?

The term was created by Clayton M. Christensen, a Harvard Business School Professor and author of the bestseller “The Innovator’s Dilemma”, in which he classified technologies into two groups: … 1,573 more words