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Hello Sweet Tooth meet Chocolate!!!

Chocolate might be one of my favorite foods….I know but it just shouldn’t be so Good!

I get cravings for peanut M&Ms and when I don’t have these on-hand   424 more words


9 Mantras to Improve Your Quality of Life

Who isn’t a sucker for motivational quotes? We all love having simple phrases that remind us to think of the bigger picture; to take ourselves out of our personal bubbles and remember that there is a world around us and we are here to enjoy it. 1,401 more words

Holistic Nutrition

Apple Cake

Good Morning Guys!

Today I have a creation you will love! I was thinking to bake a banana cake when I saw to many apple left on the table. 128 more words

Honey Banana Bread

I absolutely love this so much. And so does my friends and family. Whenever I bring it to school, it will be gone within minutes. I always try to slower the time for it to be gone so quickly. 302 more words


Fifteen EASY Changes To Make In Your Diet

By Alex Cromartie, CPT


Want to make healthy changes in you and your family’s life, but don’t know where to start? Often when people try to make a positive lifestyle change, they make the mistake of making to many changes at once, and wind up biting off more than they can chew. 1,648 more words



There are a lot of benefits to eating spicy foods. I myself love spicy everything, perhaps even carry around Hot Sauce packets in my school bag in case of a low HEAT emergency. 358 more words


vegetarian garlicy, buttery rice with tomato and avocado

i eat a ton of rice. obviously this is one you can make your own, too, if you want to mix and match other veggies/add some meat to it! 189 more words