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Dietitian Spotlight Series: Lauren Fowler, Private Practice

There are lots of RDs/RDNs that dream of one day opening their own private practice and working for themselves. Lauren Fowler, RDN, LD, CLT has made that dream a reality with her business… 1,125 more words


veganish - week 4

So we are heading into our 4th week of eating veganish.

Over the last three weeks a lot has changed. The most exciting for me (because it looks so pretty) are my… 819 more words


She's BACK...I think...

So I havent fallen off the band wagon…I promise.

I’ve been making progress…slowly but surely.  Since I last blogged, I’ve lost another 30-35 lbs.  20-25 of those were lost in 2014. 426 more words

Water. H2O. Agua. L'eau.

It’s everywhere. Our bodies consist of roughly 60% and it’s 71% of the Earth’s surface.

But why is it so darn important that we drink it everyday? 102 more words

Goods To Know

Walnut Chicken Lettuce Wraps

I had this strange craving for lettuce wraps the other day, and out came these! I was actually going to use peanuts, but I didn’t have any so I used walnuts and it actually turned out great! 171 more words


What I Ate Wednesday 4/23/14

Hello! I was very slack yesterday and did not take as many pictures of my food as usual. However, I always eat the same things so for some of these I’m going to use old pictures! 256 more words

Clean Eating


I love me some Pinterest. I am a bit better with the follow through than I believe most people are but often times I’m not even close to the desired result. 240 more words