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7 Tips for Healthy Eating on Holiday

So if you’ve caught my posts on Instagram you’ll probably notice that Beau and I are in Thailand at the moment on a nice little getaway. 474 more words


I Gobble, Gobbled on Thanksgiving...Now What?!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving. We all know that Thanksgiving is a time to be with family and remember everything that we are thankful for, it’s also a day to eat. 570 more words

Hello and welcome!

These things are always so awkward to begin. Some many things to say, yet also I have no clue what I want to say. Oh, so conflicting! 443 more words


Be uncomfortable

Building a better body is about being inefficient.

The #1 question you should ask yourself during every rep and set of your workouts… whether its muscle building or fat burning… is: 109 more words


Thanksgiving Dinner

I had an amazing Thanksgiving yesterday in Northern California with my family and was completely stuffed with soup, brussle sprouts, raw cranberry relish, green beans, and MINI PIES!   477 more words

Juicing 101

I’m sure you’ll have heard about the Juicing buzz, that is uber popular within the Health conscious world right now. And unfortunately, no, that doesn’t mean you can guzzle down your favourite childhood juice box and receive all of your natural health kicks that way. 555 more words

Clean Eating

Back on Track on Back Day

Pump up the jam pump it up while your feet are stompin…..

and the jam is pumpin!

Hi Y’all!

That just seemed like a good way to start today’s post. 505 more words