Just Shoot Me! I am Naked After All....

Well I’m being naked on the inside I mean, being vulnerable, being seen from the inside.  I recently had my friend Jessica (she also happens to be my photographer) tell me that I need to learn to see myself as others do and let my vivid personality show but it’s so hard to do sometimes.   292 more words

Routine: Night time skincare

I went out to the theatre to see The Perfect Murder last night and decided to dress up a bit, as you do for the theatre. 322 more words


Homemade Face Mask.

I did my coconut oil & honey hair mask last night. The process of putting the slimy oil into my hair absolutely disgust me. The whole process is just gross. 260 more words


Top Fragrances of All Time

Ah,  perfume. Perfume is one of those things that never does you wrong. You can’t get stains on it, it won’t break you out, it will smell exactly the same after you gain weight during the holidays, and a signature fragrance will… 1,527 more words

Holy Grails

Rosewater... A miracle substance? I'm leaning towards YES!

Before I was introduced to Beautycounter I had no idea what Rosewater was or why it was useful.  At first I had no desire to even try the product because I didn’t see the point.   322 more words