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Tip of the Week - Wax!

I don’t know about you – but I’m about to break out my autumn-scented candles in an attempt to will away the heat.

This also means that I’m about to get wax on my clothing.   77 more words

Cleaning And Care

Tip of the Week - Quick Fixes for Suede and Leather

Crisp Fall weather is right around the corner – it is almost time to break out your suede and leather pieces for the season!  Unfortunately this also means that it is almost time to worry about scuffs and scratches on these sometimes difficult-to-care-for fabrics.   129 more words

Tip of the Week - Deodorant Marks

The tip this week is short and sweet – but well worth the read!

Love to wear black, but can’t stand deodorant marks? They are much easier to get rid of than you may think! 48 more words

Tip of the Week - Bras and Bathing Suits

Cleaning your bras and bathing suits are quite similar – both require a little extra attention and caution. I prefer to hand-wash both. This gentle care sounds intimidating, but it is worth it! 399 more words

Tip of the Week - Tackling Oil Stains

There are few things I find more disheartening than damaging my favorite item in my closet. I’ve torn blouses, popped buttons, dripped oil, and washed delicate items too harshly. 157 more words