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Sunday Scheduling Speculations

With the first few weeks of school under my belt, I can safely say my time management skills are just as bad as ever! I just cannot seem to get a good system in place for getting everything done. 533 more words


My Phone Is Dead

Mhmm, it’s dead. Well and truly. Well not quite, it’s more like it has contracted a terminal illness. That illness is Android 5. Seriously, Lollipop has wrecked my phone and it now constantly reboots when it goes into sleep mode. 538 more words

Casual Thoughts

Ten Thoughts While Preparing for a Houseguest (Who Happens to Be Jen)

We had a lot of fun with this on my personal Facebook page this afternoon, and so many people identified with it that I thought I’d share it with all of you. 295 more words


Day 21--Having a Nice Cup of Tea

Sometime I write, and then forget to post. So I am a bit behind in keeping you up on the third year of being neater. 425 more words


Where Did My Weekend Go?

I shouldn’t complain, I did get quite a bit done…it just went so fast! It didn’t help that I crashed around 8pm on Friday, I guess I still wasn’t a 100%. 649 more words



Yesterday I cleaned the refrigerator. I’d lined the bottom area formerly occupied by a produce drawer with bubble wrap to cushion fruits and vegetables and keep them from bruising. 250 more words


Ground-cover Options for the Agility Course

For years every summer I have stopped  the mower and physically moved all the agility equipment just to mow the grass. I didn’t have time to do anything else after church, getting groceries and eating today, so I decided to research ground-cover options.  680 more words