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Letting Go: The Fullness in Emptying

Preface: I’ve been saying I need a wardrobe overhaul for a while now. My attentive partner, knowing my love for creative and thoughtful experiences, hired a fashion consultant as a gift for my 30th birthday. 632 more words

West Palm Beach House Cleaning Service

Best house cleaning service in West Palm Beach. Need your home cleaned? Book an appointment with Kanga Clean West Palm Beach a residential cleaning company. 7 more words

Iggy, Ungrateful Part II

“Hi, reader people! Iggy here! Karen’s cleaning up the kitchen from yesterday, so I’m handing the blog today.”

No you’re not, Iggy! I told you I’m doing it tonight, after I get rid of the remains your failed Squeakymeat prototype. 779 more words


A haphazard post ...

hap·haz·ard  [adj., adv. hap-haz-erd; n. hap-haz-erd]


1. Dependent upon or characterized by mere chance.

1. disorganized, unsystematic, careless, slapdash, helter-skelter. 758 more words


Cleaning Piece IV- Yoko Ono

Write down everything you fear in life.
Burn it.
Pour herbal oil with a sweet scent on the ashes.

Keep It Clean!

When it comes to cleanliness, my wife will attest to the fact that I can be a little OCD. I’ve had 3 cases of food poisoning, 2 of which were severe, so I have become very aware of the importance of keeping things clean. 106 more words

Heard On Air

Monsters Under My Bed

I am fairly confident when I say: not many people like cleaning under their bed. Mainly because if you are anything like me, you use the underside of your bed to hide things when you are forced to clean your room. 390 more words