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Exclusive Recipe: Deodorant Sandwiches!

Deodorant is great. Without deodorant humanity would have succumbed to extinction decades ago – the stifling stench of BO would have stifled everyone in one great big stifle. 290 more words


More Restaurants Get This Key to Sanitation Wrong Than Get It Right...

The goal of a safe and healthy restaurant operation when it comes to the condition of surfaces is for them to be consistently clean and sanitary throughout the operational day. 821 more words

Restaurant Safety

Be clean, lest your reputation be tarnished!

So in my own culture I am considered to have a good cleaning standard and I am quite organised. When I went to Turkey I was so offended that people didn’t think I was clean. 1,094 more words

Bum Deal

We finally got a new toilet seat today.  It’s long overdue, given we have had to hover precariously over the broken shards of the old seat for months.  92 more words

Hotel Room Horrors

Last night Kish and I went out for a nice dinner with the Cleanliness Queen and her husband, the Dessert Dude — so-called because he somehow is able to eat two large desserts at every dinner we have without putting on a frigging pound.  369 more words


Asia's cleanest village

MAWLYNNONG VILLAGE is a tiny village in Meghalaya.  Cleanliness, as a way of life, came to Mawlynnong, a village of 503, long before PM Modi announced his Swachh Bharat or Clean India Campaign.  165 more words


Clean India – leave a better place for our children to live in.

CLEAN INDIA – leave a better place for our children to live in.
India’s Prime Minister has a dream of seeing India clean by 2020, he dreams of changing the image of India in the eyes of the world; change the very perception of India from one of dirt and squalor to a clean and tidy India. 591 more words

Well Being