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My Skincare Routine

So I have some pretty sensitive skin. My skin breaks out from even a dab of foundation, let alone a harsh acne cleanser. Thus, my skin care routine is pretty mellow. 212 more words


Master Cleanse Day 1

You might be wondering why I’m writing about doing a Master Cleanse. Long story short; physical cleansing leads to a cleansing of the mind.┬áMy intention is to share the mental/psychological challenges and triumphs that I experience while doing this particular juice fast. 132 more words


Tristan’s greatest desire


to be pure once again




Creative Writing

Evening Skincare Routine Staples.

When it comes to my evening skincare routine, I have a few products that I always use on a regular basis. My skin is annoyingly; extremely sensitive, combination skin and I often find it difficult to find products that don’t react on my face when removing my make-up. 511 more words


He still loves me

We aren’t good enough but he still sees the beauty in us and loves us unconditionally all the same. God understands that we are not perfect and we will continue to keep sinning, it is part of our nature. 48 more words

Spring Greens

Spring has sprung on the mountain. The buds have crept up the valleys to our high perch. The snow is melting from the bald top of Iwihinmu. 721 more words

Chinese Medicine