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Sobriety Part III – The benefits of sober living

Removing alcohol from my life has been the single greatest gift I have ever given to my mind. The resulting energy and productive time has been the greatest gift to my body. 381 more words


Sobriety Part II – Remaining Sober

If you are trying to remain sober, become sober, or drink less here are a few things I have implemented. Each has helped me eliminate the possibility of drinking alcohol in ‘drinking’ environments. 511 more words


Sobriety Part I – Getting Sober

This is part I of my journey through sobriety from alcohol. The reason there is a Part 1 is because sobriety, for me at least, is a three part discussion. 1,080 more words


When It's Gone

Sometimes we lose the will to create. The need to bring something new and unique into the world disappears, and we’re left without a single creative thought. 392 more words

The Library

Clear your space, clear your mind

One of the simplest ways to declutter your life is to begin by having neat and organised surroundings. This post may seem like common sense, but how many of us ignore our parents pleading with us to clean our rooms? 476 more words

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Brain Fog?

When we are experiencing “brain fog” at our house we place a drop of Melissa oil on our finger and place it on our soft palate (in the mouth).   237 more words


Broken body

I’ve woken up today feeling bruised from head to toe and wondering how much more my body can cope with me.
I haven’t been eating much for a while now. 207 more words