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Enablers Beware, And Go Ahead And Stop

How many of us have helped someone over and over again yet realized that our help was only continuing their sick cycle of them not being able to help themselves. 645 more words

Being Aware Of Distractions From Balanced, Mind, Body, and Soul

I recently became aware that I was living my life full of distractions and not concentrating on what i truly wanted. Well I have had a lot in my life and I know what I truly want but I unfortunately can’t have what I really want but this does not stop me from making my life fulfilled and happy. 502 more words

How cleaning your House cleans your Soul :)

Today I woke up with a flash of inspiration. I remembered how I intuitively used to clean up our flat in the time I was still visiting my grandma everyday. 252 more words


Just Become Aware

So many times I hear people tell me, “I can’t meditate. Its too hard. I don’t know how to do it.

Let’s start in baby steps. 855 more words

Clear Mind

October 14th 7PM

Amy has been working a lot of evenings lately, which is really very odd, as Amy normally barely even works during daylight hours. Do not mind though, as means self gets to spend more time alone in zen like state. 35 more words


Yoga on your wedding day

A week and a half ago I made a big step in my personal journey; I got married. Many people tell you beforehand, it is supposed to be the best day of your life and it goes by really fast. 363 more words

My Journey

1Peter: clear your head and love

1Peter 4:7… Jumping right in to bluntness.
The end is near. Granted, Peter and friends thought the end would come in their lifetime and people have prepared for random “rapture” dates for 2000 years, but I think that with all that’s going on in the world now, the end really is near. 576 more words

Following Jesus