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My Right To Choose

A woman’s right to choose is the most controversial topic in politics and religion and maybe in life. Yet, as humans we have the same right and we don’t seem to be aware or even know that it exists. 789 more words

Clear Mind

Happy Place

Go back to your happy place

Where your mind is at rest

Forget about reality and begin the chase

For there is no pleasure in being stressed… 121 more words


Appreciation day ✌️

Sometimes I think we take people for granted in our lives.
Maybe today is the day I need to appreciate the people in my life, the people that make me happy when I’m sad and make me laugh when all I want to do is cry. 27 more words

Meditation and Good Sex 🙏

I’ve been struggling with my health recently, overloading myself with unnecessary stress and anxiety and it has taken a few years for me to realise this. 122 more words

Tea For Peace

What is it about a cup of tea that can bring about peace. Is it the water, is it the warmth, is it the subtle flavor, or is it the person. 124 more words

Bigelow Tea

The Power of Positivity

Have you ever stayed quiet in a conversation even though you wanted to shout your truth from the balcony?

Then when someone asked you what’s wrong, why aren’t you talking? 637 more words

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