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Sleep Walking

Today (Thursday) seemed to be a very L-O-N-G day… In addition to all the usual happenings that make my life exhausting, Thursday also had a few client meetings (all went well), all sort of triangulated about 40 minutes apart by car. 160 more words

Sleep deprivation = serious problem

I once read that 45% of the world’s population is sleep deprived . . . in med school I think that number is closer to 100%!  441 more words

Med School

Yoga and Posture

Yoga focuses on breathing, stretching, balance and just being. From this and proper meditation you can clear your brain, clear all the tension from your muscles. 164 more words

Can’t Sleep? Here’s my top 5 "go to sleep" techniques

Over the years, I’ve tried all kinds of techniques to fall asleep quickly, so I’ve compiled a list of the best methods that have worked for me. 356 more words


Zentraveler on Zen Mind Control!

Zen Mind Control sounds like a steady input of brainwashing or a Nazi Training Camp.  Is this something I want to incorporate into my life and  how would I do this even if I wanted to.   457 more words

Friday asana aid: Clearing your mind

As promised last week, here are some videos to help clear out your mind.

Great yogis breath just once a minute, apparently. Next:

It says “clearing your mind.” Next: 28 more words


The Antidote to Mental Exhaustion

To clear your mind of anxious thoughts, distract yourself.

I’m sure you have occasionally been satisfied with how you’ve spoken on occasion. Vividly remember those times as you rehearse and as you begin speaking in front of others. 241 more words