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The days moved strangely. Tethered to home by the need to be nearby for Mosby I found myself not only cleaning but cleaning out. Mindful that each day was a step closer to the time of parting awareness of the impermanence of life became foremost in my mind. 440 more words

A Bereavement of Things

T Minus 3

Looking out through the water splashed glass at a towel I will use twice more; at a dressing gown I’ll not be able to take I stood in the shower composing the start of this blog. 354 more words

Getting Prepared

Rebirthing Yourself with Money, Relationships, and More

When you think of “rebirthing”, what comes to mind?

Is it ever too late to be “reborn”?

What happens when you are “reborn”?


Ok, this is pretty heady stuff, and I know because today is my new birthday.   323 more words


On turning tragedy into triumph, A level results, UCAS, clearing and the need to re-frame thoughts.

“Facebook is not a good place, at times like this.”

Most often writing in a professional capacity, I am blurring the lines here between professional and personal as I share thoughts on A level results, UCAS and the clearing process from first hand experience, or rather, share (with my daughter’s consent) something of our experiences on Thursday 14th August 2014 – A level results day in the UK.

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The clearing system and the universities

It is the week of clearing, when silly-season news is briefly full of stories of would-be university students who didn’t get the grades they needed for their offered places scrambling to get a place somewhere else. 1,074 more words


Results Day Came, Went and Left S**t In Its Wake

As you may have already guessed, I am/was not incredibly optimistic about this years A-Level results day. Its annoying really, having to wait so long for the results … I finished my exams back in June and had to wait all this time! 438 more words

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6 HE Marketing Trends Clearing Up on Results Day

It seems a long time ago since the national newspapers dominated Results Day, and the subsequent clearing frenzy, in the UK. This year we had an explosion of content – infographics, vines, animations and much more – pulsating through a huge range of channels. 1,597 more words

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