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Archangel Michael #48

Indeed, I am Archangel Michael, here now to help you let go of all that no longer serves you.

You may have recently absorbed some lower vibrational energies, and the time is now to release them. 193 more words


Costume: What can you make Angel Bruce do?

Angel Bruce is a costume for week 4 of Christmas and he has a quest line all of his very own! He can help you clear reindeer to get those sleigh bells so you can complete those Christmas lists and get yourself Santa!

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff

Holiday Wishes and an Invitation!

Photo taken Dec. 22, 2014, Pacific Beach Boardwalk, San Diego, CA by Katelon Jeffereys

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyful Kwanzaa, and Magical Yuletide, whatever holiday you celebrate now…and if you don’t, then happy love season, happy light returning! 799 more words

Creating The New Reality

Archangel Michael #47

Indeed, I am Archangel Michael, here now to help you along your path.

You are flying high right now, but there are lower vibrations circling around you that you must be weary of. 205 more words


How to wash your worries away--in a hurry!

If you absolutely can’t make time to do a bath, try a white shower. Pour coconut milk over your body as you speak clearing statements and affirmations (such as: “I release worry. 35 more words


For God's sake, it is Christmas!!!

Never thought I would get so angry at someone so close to Christmas but I did… I love the idea of Christmas and what it represents. 404 more words

The Equitysphere

Source: http://daraalbright.com/2014/12/18/the-equitysphere/

The Emerging Equity Crowdfinance Ecosystem

Inspired by Orchard Platform’s recently released “Lendscape” – which brilliantly underscores the expanding peer/marketplace lending ecosystem and its movement of capital – I decided to construct a similar flowchart depicting the progression of the equity side of the crowdfinance industry. 104 more words

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