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freeing the channel: tongue awareness stretching, loosening, releasing...story-teller ~ day nine

step 1 – 3 ~ tongue stretch

the tip of my tongue is a little sore, i may be pushing on it too hard!?  it does feel stronger though and my mouth feels bigger, my mouth already opens pretty wide but i usually don’t have a reason to open it really wide, except when i’m doing the tongue stretches…maybe that’s why it feels bigger.   150 more words


Homages: In what is clearly a very...

Friday, August 22, 2014, by Lily di Costanzo

In what is clearly a very necessary and sensible homage, this proposed Nike sneaker by French designer Ora-Ïto is meant to resemble classic Eames furniture design. 13 more words

Seeing clearly

I remember when I first put on my glasses and I was surprised on how much I missed out on.  I didn’t know that you could bumps on the concrete sidewalk or that you can see the lines on wooden doors.  715 more words

Who we are now

“As we begin to see more clearly the people we come from,

we can begin to alter our perception of who we are now.”

- Author Unknown

(DailyOm.com, 05/29/2014)