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The best thing we can do to improve our memory

The best thing we can do to ‘improve’ our memory is to cultivate peace in meditation.

It is not to do all the various ‘brain puzzles’ or games that are said to improve our memory. 22 more words

In My Own Words...

Our Lives are like Candles and our Minds are like their Flames

The word ‘independence’ is not a mere word from an English dictionary but it is an expression that represents a state of mind and a state of being, both of which carry profound meaning to most human beings on this planet. 898 more words


and the fog rolled in

When I was younger foggy day schedules were the best. My mom would shake me awake to tell me that I didn’t have to be up for another hour because school was starting late. 701 more words

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Letting my fingers do the talking

So fineally starting to realize

what i wanna say is my not full potential but “potential” none the least. I can picture myself being a badass playing Johnny Depps partner. 131 more words


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Challenges of Communicating Clearly

We live in a digital age where we write and communicate with family members, friends and fellow employees. There are many challenges people face when it comes to writing and communicating clear and concise: illiteracy, accents (cultural background and articulation) and attitudes can diminish the ability of communicating clear. 295 more words