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Dr. Christoph Clément als Director Legal & Regulatory in die Geschäftsleitung von Vodafone Deutschland berufen

Wechsel in der Vodafone-Geschäftsleitung: Clément folgt auf Wandres

Düsseldorf, 28 Mai 2014 – Dr. Christoph Clément wird zum 1. Juni 2014 als Director Legal & Regulatory in die Geschäftsleitung (Executive Committee) von Vodafone Deutschland berufen. 308 more words

St Simon and St Jude, Hillside Road, Streatham Hill (Roman Catholic)

Perched on the edge of a steep drop, this suburban church dates from 1906, the architect was Clement Jackson. The west end and internal reordering were carried out in 1990 by Derek Philips.

London Borough Of Lambeth

Confusing "Equality" with "Sameness": Clearing up a Complementarian Misconception

Time after time, I’ve read complementarian literature that seems to misunderstand what is meant by biblical equality for women and men. The heart of the misunderstanding appears to be a misperception of what is meant by the term “equality.” Very often, the complementarian literature I’m familiar with assumes that egalitarians are advocating for the “sameness” of men and women in the church, rather than their equality. 735 more words

Theory Seminar: The Shape of Behaviour 3

Session 3 began with a question on our behaviours: ‘When do I cry?’ For me the answer is not often, although I may want to or be in a situation that makes me sad and tear up, I can’t actually cry unless in very extraordinary circumstances. 310 more words


Theory Lecture 1: Formalism

Towards the middle of the 20th century Modernism was becoming the dominant movement in the Avant-Garde. One critic in particular believed it to be the destiny of Art to be brought to its ‘purist’ form through the guise of modernism. 808 more words


First Look // Clement MXP Clincher Tires

After reading how popular the Clement MXPs are as all-around cyclocross tires, I picked up a pair in hopes of upgrading my stock Specialized Tracer Sport tires. 578 more words