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Fall Rolls Into Winter, And I'm Looking Forward To Closing The Space

Between you and me
there’s space but there’s not distance
we’re close, you and me.

Market Shares!

No, not the stock market… *wink*

I am sure everyone and their ironing boards know that this weekend was Quilt Market. That bi-annual whirlwind trade show of quilts, patterns, and upcoming fabric lines. 516 more words

Finished Quilts

10 Days Of Horror - Day Seven

Roll up, roll up, day seven of 10 Days of Horror shuffles into view with Telltale Games’ finest hour… 214 more words


The Walking Dead Season Two: The Sob Feast Returns

If you thought the Walking Dead season one was upsetting then, brace yourself for season two as you join Clementine to face the apocalypse world, and make choices that will ultimately affect the game. 438 more words


KCW Fall 2014: Dinosaur Roar

I was so excited to sew C’s Halloween costume this year, and a million ideas were floating around in my noggin (including my favorite idea of dressing us all as characters from Orange is the New Black, mostly so Husband could make the most awesome George ‘Pornstache’ Mendez, but we realized that other people might not find that so appropriate for a toddler…). 563 more words


KCW Fall 2014: Storybook-Inspired Ice Cream Dress

Hi folks, how goes your Kid’s Clothes Week sewing? I confess that, although this season’s theme of Storybook is amazing, I hadn’t put too much thought into what I would sew this week (aside from C’s Halloween costume, which I’ll be showing in a day or two). 406 more words


Blog Posting

The art of blog posting is quite intricate. First, you need something to say. Second, you have to say it. But it helps if you have the time. Finally, spell chick.