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11 Things You May Not Know About Ancient Egypt

November 12, 2012

11 Things You May Not Know About Ancient Egypt

By Evan Andrews

Ancient Egypt stood as one of the world’s most advanced civilizations for nearly 3,000 years and created a culture so rich that it has spawned its own field of study. 1,424 more words


Review - Cleopatra: A Life

 Title – Cleopatra: A Life

 Author – Stacy Schiff

 2010 – Adult – History/Biography

 Rating – 4/5

The Premise: Schiff seeks to separate legend and fact to present a clear and comprehensive history and biography of one of the most famous women to ever have lived. 299 more words


For Cleopatra ... I may be waxing lyrical

I remember as a very young child going to see the Kings Cross Wax Works  at the Village Centre, Kings Cross, Sydney. The Village Centre, which is long gone, was between… 203 more words

Street Art

Jacob Abbott's potrait of Cleopatra

Rating: 3/5

Written in the 19th century by a Christian, the book (understandably) have several paragraphs dedicated to praise the superiority of said religion, and at many points it criticizes the “faults/sins/vices” of “the heathens”. 192 more words

Tản Mạn Review

Taylor the Beautiful <3

Some spirits on this earth are so beautiful that their beauty unknowingly

shows through in everything they do.

If you are not one of these people- become one of these people. 50 more words

23. The Best Book I've Read Lately

Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter

The best read I’ve had in a while. Quick summary: Family secrets come out when a man is found wandering outside a studio exec’s office. 353 more words

Book Review

The cure for the Monday morning blues

Always works for me. And almost certainly the only pop song with cameos from Nietzsche, Goya, Cleopatra and Demosthenes.