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Cool Beans

I swear to Zeus that I was going to post something more substantial. I actually photographed some shots but nothing turned out as expected. It was a concept that I had come up with last week but turns out, making it tangible was more difficult than anticipated. 171 more words

Reviews product - ZINK COLOR bare Mineral Eye Shadow Pigment CLEOPATRA Professional MAC style Makeup

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Zink Color Minerals apply and blend effortlessly that gives you rich and radiant eye color with no preservatives and zero irritants. 16 more words

Pure Shea Butter Review

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My latest review is for Pure Shea Butter by Adovia Mineral Skin Care

“Pure Shea Butter – Raw & Unrefined – Highest Quality Shea Nuts Used – Cleopatra’s Choice Brand – 100% Organic – Grade A Ivory Color Butter for Skin or Hair – Deeply Moisturizing Shea Butter from Africa” 250 more words


Back in Time Again

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We had a brilliant children’s encyclopaedia in our home growing up. The one-volume tome was thumbed through so frequently the hardback cover had to be sellotaped back on muliple times before finally snapping and crumbling to dust. 681 more words

Town Mouse

Teenager Cleopatra?

How old was Cleopatra when she was the queen of Egypt?

Cleopatra was only a teenager when she was Queen!

That’s pretty young to be ruling Egypt, don’t you think? 9 more words


What About Rose

  • There are more than 100 types of Roses.
  • The name “Rose” is often used as a girl’s name in English speaking countries.
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