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vintage fashion fair in clerkenwell

if you love vintage clothes, then tomorrow sunday 19th October is the vintage fashion fair at the old finsbury park town hall.   i love collecting old lace – collars,  lace and voile blouses – just so pretty.

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Bear baiter tragically eaten by one of his bears

If you’re going to run a bear-baiting arena – it’s best not to get eaten by one of your bears. In 1709, that was the fate of Christopher Preston who ran the Bear Garden at Hockley-in-the-Hole, a very dodgy part of the Clerkenwell district of London. 374 more words

God is great

Sir Christopher Wren certainly thought so, although I suspect he thought he ran God a pretty close second. In fact, when it came to rebuilding St Paul’s Cathedral after the Great Fire, he probably thought it was even stevens. 340 more words

Behind the high walls of London's Charterhouse

Hidden behind high walls, the Charterhouse in Clerkenwell exudes an air of mystery – at least to those who, like me, spend their lunchbreaks wandering around the interesting old places close to their place of work.  2,248 more words


Mark Aston: Islington Museum & Local History Centre Manager

Everyone on Islington Faces Blog has a story. Any idea what you do if you want to find out more about your Islington roots – either your family or the places you know in the borough? 1,845 more words


Eat: The Modern Pantry

To me, one of the unsung perks of a regular out-of-the-bunkerhouse job has always been the lunch possibilities. Let me elaborate: while at night you may need to cater to arbitrary, imperious and volatile toddler taste buds –as well as to your partner’s random food vetoes– at lunch you are your own woman. 378 more words