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Behind the high walls of London's Charterhouse

Hidden behind high walls, the Charterhouse in Clerkenwell exudes an air of mystery – at least to those who, like me, spend their lunchbreaks wandering around the interesting old places close to their place of work.  2,248 more words


Mark Aston: Islington Museum & Local History Centre Manager

Everyone on Islington Faces Blog has a story. Any idea what you do if you want to find out more about your Islington roots – either your family or the places you know in the borough? 1,845 more words


Eat: The Modern Pantry

To me, one of the unsung perks of a regular out-of-the-bunkerhouse job has always been the lunch possibilities. Let me elaborate: while at night you may need to cater to arbitrary, imperious and volatile toddler taste buds –as well as to your partner’s random food vetoes– at lunch you are your own woman. 378 more words


Game on! Enjoy a carnivore feast as pop-up restaurant Struie Road returns

It’s already made quite an impression on the game-ing community last time it ran… and no I’m not talking about fans of consoles, I mean the wild, carnivorous kind of game. 335 more words


The best of London by Gentleman Loves Cake: St John Restaurant

The main conundrum with being the editor(?) of a blog and having excellent contributors is that when they send you stuff you get really hungry. This is a key example of why one should not edit their blog before breakfast. 865 more words


Fifty Shards: Day 29 and an oppressive grey plume hangs over London

See what I mean?

Day Twenty-nine: If you examine closer, you’ll note a brown hue. Fifty Shades of Brown? Hmmm, not really.

Temperature: However, as anyone in London will tell you, it has cleared to become a sparkling day of 26c. 103 more words


Granger & Co

Delicious Eats: Granger & Co

Address: 50 Sekforde Street, London EC1R 0HA (another restaurant in Notting Hill)

Cost: £16 for a meal and coffee

A friend of mine recently moved to London and when catching up for brunch I offered to take her to one of my favorite places or look in my coffee guide for a good place in between our two houses. 258 more words