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Whine a local India speciality!

In Pushkar, India you are in for a very special surprise if you fancy a whine! Unless this shop sells something else and all that comes to mind are the noises of jet engines or long moans! 347 more words

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Southall UK, it's like little India with freshly squeezed 100% Cok!

As seen in a corner shop in downtown Southall, London opposite the Bollywood style cinema and in the shadow of a Mosque’s minaret.

About the Author… 344 more words

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A motorists nightmare!

Well I suppose it’s good of the driver to let people following him know that he has a problem, but which bit breaks suddenly? That’s what I want to know! 347 more words

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In China they think about the common people!

It just simply isn’t true that China is a state run for the sole benefit of a select few political oligarchs to the detriment of ordinary people and here is the proof! 347 more words

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Wrong on every level! China.

When a translator gets it wrong in China they manage to make a complete pig’s ear of the entire endeavour!

Oh deary me!

No I am not depleted to mention the “folk hing” bit either, I will let you giggle at that alone!” 347 more words

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For your complaint and pleasure!

Istanbul is a great place and I fully recommend visiting. There is a lot to see especially in the bridge and mosque line. When on a bridge whether you like the bridge or not you can call the operator and have a chat which I think is rather nice. 388 more words

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The Devil made us do it

Another in my occasional series of dog shaming photographs and as a bonus here are two bad bow wows for the price of one!

Now I have to say that personally nothing would tempt me into eating just one ‘Cheez-It’ whatever they are, but replace the name ‘Cheez-It’ for ‘Prawn-It’ on the box and I would be in the dog house along with Chessy and Barley the very bad dogs pictured here! 367 more words

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