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The where to go dilemma!

It’s a problem isn’t it. Dogs like the people who erected this sign have to ‘go’ from time to time, but sadly where?

Responsible owners are nice enough to er… let’s call it ‘gather up’ the product of their dog going and I am sure on a crisp frosty morning the warmth radiating through a plastic or pager bag can rather nicely warm the hand for a while! 390 more words

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Carrot Cake

It’s terrible how it starts isn’t it? One or both of you say, “oh I fancy Carrot Cake” and luckily enough we had all the ingredients and so I made this little beast. 405 more words

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It's election year in Britain how Embarrassing is that going to be

Yes that right from now on until the time that the corrupt and totally outdated political system of ‘first past the post’ used in Britain delivers a government that usually doesn’t have a majority, politicians from every party will be sliming themselves out of their comfy offices and forcing themselves to meet and greet that most awful of things, the British public. 514 more words

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Strawberry Fields the Blues version!

There is nothing like making a famous song your own is there? We all have ‘our’ songs don’t we?

Sadly this is nothing like the original but then this is the Far East where imitation is not necessarily the sincerest form of flattery, but a way to a quick buck without the tiresome chore of being original. 367 more words

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Made with real Squrriel!

Goodness me authentic Chinese cuisine is so er… exotic!

Poor Squirrels!

And what on earth is sweet, a shortening for seaweed or a misspelt Swede? I wonder. 347 more words

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A 4 Star special treat

The hotel Hesperia Sabinal is (allegedly) a four star hotel which was plonked right on the Roquetas de Mar beach in Almeria (Spain) in a previous frenzy of hotel building. 888 more words

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Back to China at last

It has been sometime since we had any nonsense from our friends in the far east, who send us so many brand new, but broken, consumer goods that I am pretty sure we over here could do without, so it’s with great pleasure that I am able to offer yet another insight into China’s culture and cuisines. 444 more words

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