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Now we know why they don't smile

Moroccan tooth care at it’s best!

Oh that’s sad!

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The Cat is one of the most successful feline authors in the history of Catkind. 329 more words

The Cat

Be indiscreet in Basle!

It looks like they are encouraging indiscretion in Basle, Switzerland doesn’t it.

I wonder what the gnomes and bankers in Zurich make of this?

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The Cat

Just plain silly

I don’t think that they mean those sorts of glasses silly!

Some people will do anything to be funny won’t they? Tee hee!

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The Cat

They've run out of Urine in India

Oh dear, who would have thought that?

Whatever next! Well I don’t think I should suggest anything because I know I’ll just get into trouble! 347 more words

The Cat

Happy Birthday to my translator

It’s John’s birthday today and as most people seem to have forgotten the poor old devil (unlike my birthday when cards, presents and best of all cash arrive by the sackful). 408 more words

The Cat

We have them here too

We have Corny Cranberry here in the centre of Europe, these were spotted in Madrid.

I haven’t seen Rude Raspberries, Contentions Coconut, Moaning Melons, and Stoppy Strawberries yet, but in my heart I know they are out there too. 347 more words

The Cat

The Cat has landed

I am happy to announce with my partners the European Space Agency that The Cat has landed on top of a Strawberry Ice Cream, avoiding the cone. 420 more words

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