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Top 100 Crowdfunded Companies

Crowdfunding is more than just the latest trend — it’s an increasingly effective way to jumpstart a business with much needed cash.

Top 100 Crowdfunded Companies | Entrepreneur.com


Remind the world

Her clever smile reminded
Society that it had failed
To crush the individuality
Out of one more girl

Her out of date clothes told
The world she couldn’t… 54 more words


A plea for forgiveness...

The class clown. The student that never stops laughing. The wise-cracker. That one student you can’t get mad at for disrupting the class because he makes you laugh right along with him. 129 more words

Raccoons: The Garden Thief

There are few animal pests that cause me to curse out loud.  Mice?  Nope.  Rabbits?  Nope.  Deer?  I may think about it, but nope.  It’s… 753 more words

All Creatures

A house with rotating rooms

A house in Tehran incorporates rotating rooms which accommodate changing seasons.

The seven-storey Sharifi-ha House includes three rooms that can rotate 90 degrees to let in more sunlight and make space as the seasons change. 50 more words


A window emulating sunlight from around the world

A smart window can recreate different types of sunlight through ingenious technology.

CoeLux uses a full-spectrum LED lighting system, with a special pane that reproduces the Rayleigh scattering effect of sunlight travelling through the atmosphere. 32 more words