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A riddle for you to guess

A riddle for you to guess. Go on have a try.

The more you take, the more you leave behind. What are they?


How to Get More Followers!

  • Update your About Page. One of the first things visitors to your site will want to know is something about who you are. If you don’t update your About page to include a short bio, and they find a generic page instead,  they’ll be disappointed.
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Haven't Really Decided what this is for yet.

Someone give me ideas what to put on this blog/page.

Can be whatever :3

A little infomation about me:

I have previously studied and passed 5 GCSE’s at The Harvey Grammar School for boys. 80 more words


Strategies: Growth is a choice, can be managed

Even if you like the size of your company today, you still have to think about growth so you won’t decline in the long run. 54 more words


11 Clever Posters That Define The Hypocrisy Of The Indian Society

We stumbled upon this awesome photo series by Being Satan, a fun page that says, “Stop Discrimination. Hate everyone equally”. The series is a sarcastic take on the hypocrisy of the Indian society. 34 more words