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Lightdm tweaks

I am using ubuntu with the lightdm display manager. The “problem” with lightdm is the fact that is presents a list of users which are allowed to login. 188 more words


How to change the author of a commit

Using git empowers you with many mighty and fancy tools to do advanced versioning. One issue to solve is the change of malicious commits. Once, I committed something using an author with a mail address which I did not want to be linked to my name. 158 more words


Pimp your bash with bash-it

A colleague of mine showed my sometime ago his zsh enriched with oh-my-zsh and this impressed me. As a bash user I wanted to have something similar and found… 296 more words


Upgrading and patching the Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP)

One of the biggest advantages, besides the support for the Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Middleware are the access to continuous updates and bug fixes. In previous versions, minor patches could not be applied automatically, also updates or bug fixes had to be installed manually, by changing individual configuration files and replacing Java Archives. 326 more words


What what

Here is a blog post from the command line using VI text editor using Charm, a wonderful command line blog tool that runs from a linux terminal.

Phonegap 3.3.0 plugin configuration

Well, I just started to work with Phonegap/Cordova, to do a simple business-like multiplatform app.

It seemed pretty simple at first, since you can make an app with just html and javascript, so no need for big ide’s or anything like that, I just used… 382 more words