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A great article on TTY.   I have often though about this but never taken the time to look into it.

Warning tl;dnr  !


Wifi signal strengh on Ubuntu / CLI

I was setting up Aruba access points at an office, and i wanted to check the signal strengh in the corners of the office.
I only brought my Ubuntu laptop, so i went online and found this nifty command: 22 more words


Trick: Create a post from Lua, Part 1

Here’s one way to push content to WordPress from the command line. It could be easily extended to any local application that can either call a Lua script or be directly extended in Lua. 986 more words


IT 1 Lab Class - 3rd Week

It’s now our 3rd week in our IT 1 Lab class. Ma’am Donna welcomed us nicely and started discussing about the Linux operating system. We’re using the Ubuntu Distribution of Linux. 170 more words


Laravel: How to Install Laravel's Artisan in Windows

$ composer create-project laravel/laravel --pref-dist
$ cd laravel
$ composer install
$ php artisan list

Following are the result


How to delete/remove file metadata in Linux from CLI

How to remove file metadata on Linux – a little more privacy

EXIF data in photo images can reveal personally identifiable information such as your camera model, GPS coordinate of shooting, your favorite photo editor software, etc. 106 more words


How to get WLC SFP Info ?

Did you ever wanted to find out inventory details of the SFP plugged into WLC ports ? Typically “show inventory” is what we need. But in AireOS, that command only give the Chassis serial Number as shown below. 372 more words