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Roger that! Operation cleanup my [er' your] 'buntu how to.

You know what they say aboot cleanliness..

Open op the Terminal by doing Ctrl + Alt + T

Now copy and paste the following – but remember to plug-in your vacuum cleaner first and don’t ferget to flush. 43 more words

Eh? Wazuppa my kernel?

uname -a : all kernel ver. info.

uname -r : exact kernel ver.

lsb_release -a : for all info related to ver.

lsb_release -r : exact version. 12 more words

Midnight Commander as FTP client with .netrc

MC has a “Directory hotlist” which funcitons as bookmarking for locations (paths).

It can be accesed by pressing Ctrl+\ (Ctrl and backslash) or from the top menu under Commands. 56 more words


Tours of the Black Prompt: NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP - Part 5

The Tours of the Black Prompt series so far:


Tours of the Black Prompt: Clustered NetApp Data ONTAP - Part 4

The Tours of the Black Prompt series so far:


HP Networking and Cisco CLI Reference Guide

New to HP Networking products? Know Cisco IOS CLI and now work with HPN products? Or know Comware (from previous 3Com/H3C days) and now also work with HPN ProVision products? 313 more words