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I love the way you cliché

Hello again and thanks for reading my blog! Today I have decided to discuss cliché reasons people fall in and out of love. So please feel free to comment on you thoughts about these sayings as well. 147 more words

Ha ha hilarious

Reading books about comedy doesn’t make you funny, but it can definitely make you think you’re funny. In that spirit, here are some jokes I wrote. 210 more words

Taken to the next misstep

This headline on the Yahoo! front page takes idiotic idioms to the next level:

I suppose if you’re just learning English, you might not know common expressions like “take it to the next level” or “take the next step.” If that’s the case, I suggest you have someone familiar with common idioms edit your writing before you publish it.


Why is this a winter sport again?

Hi everyone, long time no blog, I know. This is approximately 95% due to exhaustion and 5% due to writing blog posts in my head which makes me think I’ve updated when I haven’t. 364 more words

Flirting in the 21st century : Facebook style

I get these from time to time… (like the one I got today). I usually get them from Africa or Arab countries, but today I got one from the USA (although I’m guessing he’s from spanish extraction. 111 more words


Control Freak

Once, in a far off land, you were a Queen. But you’re not anymore are you?

Your ex minions are getting tired of you thinking you’re holier than thou and untouchable. 133 more words


Trouble In Paradise

Uh oh C. Do I sense some trouble in the romance department? Your facade of sarcasm and wit are only mildly believable. Why do I get the feeling you’re not letting on as much as you should be? 130 more words