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Online Dating Clichés

Yes I know, sorry it’s been a while, but I’ve either been busy or ill or running out of things to write about. Indeed.

This is a cheating post again. 37 more words

When winning leaves you at a loss

“The only way to win in a no-win situation is to draw.”

My comment brings the heated debate lurching to a halt. My team look at each other as they consider this and what it might mean. 1,208 more words


Avoid Cliches Like the Plague

I am sensitive to cliches. 

I put down books that contain too many of them. I turn off radio programmes with guests that use too many of them. 129 more words


What The Heck Happened To Movie Posters and Trailers? by GoodBadFlicks

Both videos are spot on.

In What The Heck Happened To Movie Trailers?, GoodBadFlicks tackles the clichés that have been abused over and over in movie trailers. 76 more words


A Duel Upon the Razor's Edge: Of Heroes, Antiheroes and Mopey Leads (Pt. 1)

Alright, while I try to think of ideas for next Monday, here’s a less-regular set of themed articles, focusing on ideas (mostly in writing) that I think are good, but need… 1,578 more words


Stereotypes, Caricatures and Clichés: Say Hi to your Novel's Assassins

Some day I’d like to write a novel with nothing but dollops of these. They’re very seductive. How much fun would it be to write sentences like  1,037 more words

Nuestras pláticas nunca podrían ser normales. Siempre tendríamos que estar discutiendo y dando argumentos, siempre tendríamos que impresionar al otro con nuestros inventos mentirosos y lingüísticos, el siempre en los jamases porque de otra forma te aburrirías y de repente, te desaparecerías, y yo me quedaría congelada, sentada en una silla alta, con los pies colgando al aire como si fuera una niña, con mis manos tan maltratadas por  la ansiedad que me ardería la carne viva. 99 more words

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