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Old Dogs and Dead Horses: The Power of the Angsty Side

If you thought the earlier post was long, this one’s going to blow your mind like a superlaser hitting a planet (see? I’m clever!) If you’re not up for reading the equivalent of a short-story (if short-stories were disjointed argu-rants against stereotypical roles of Good Vs. 3,311 more words


A Duel Upon the Razor's Edge: Excessive Flattery

This ‘un includes pitchas! I heard you cultured people enjoyed sommut to stare at  between words and bad phonetic spellins t’ represent lower-class dilekt. 2,179 more words


Rhetorical Question #7

Q: Can a rolling stone gather any less moss?

A: Perhaps in a field of…dreams


What Makes a Brilliant Horror Novel?

In the spirit of Halloween, I’m dedicating a week to the Horror genre.

We’ve all read a book or seen a movie that makes us shiver in our boots or jump at the sound of the smallest creak in our house, but what is it about them that makes us feel that way? 492 more words


My favourite cliche? It's a forgone conclusion...

Cliche’s are somewhat of a dirty word (or group of dirty phrases, to be more precise). As a budding journalist/writer/general wordsmith, it has been drilled in to me that they are a bad thing, to be avoided at all costs. 410 more words

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Writing Worldview Well

Here’s a question that every serious writer should wrestle with at some point: How do you write worldview well? How should you incorporate a message about what you believe into your writing? 1,252 more words


Once I pop...

I can’t stop. Won’t stop. Eh eh! (That’s a lot of very esoteric and unrelated references in a very short span…realistically that was just a matter of time for me, though. 160 more words