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Sitcom logic explained

Ever noticed that most, if not all sitcoms feature storylines, characters, and jokes that all follow the same formula? If you haven’t, then I really would be surprised. 592 more words

TV & Movies

Her or the Job

Still working on the Action Pact, my concept EP that parodies and pays homage to 80s Action Movie Cliches and 80s Rock Music. The latest track is an attempt at a power ballad. 226 more words


Marnee Thai

Raymond and I went to Marnee Thai after his first day of work! Woohoo! So happy for him!

What upsets (not really upset) me is the fact that this fool orders yellow curry. 253 more words


You know that expression dont keep all your feelings bottled up or you might explode or something like that? They have it wrong. You wont explode. 29 more words

Top 10 cliches, tropes, and trends I hate in video games

This is something I had been planning to do as a video series a few years ago, but lost confidence in the project. But recently I realized that now that I have a blog, I have a solid medium for the project as a blog post. 3,898 more words

Video Games

Deer in Headlights that Suddenly Knows the Way to the Field

I once trained in at a restaurant where there were a few of us newbies, not just me. I overheard the trainers one night discussing what they were going to do about Bruce, because he’d just asked a question that clearly showed he had no idea what was in the house salad. 500 more words

Upside Down Kingdom

Life's Little Cliches

I can spend time trying to avoid filling your head  with clichés such as time heals all wounds, actions speak louder than words, and love is blind (and to be honest, I probably will) but clichés are a way of life. 724 more words