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Dear Beast Mode,

Dear Beast Mode,

Today I bench pressed 100 pounds! That’s more than half of my body weight. Yeah! Get some! I see your status updates, Bro! 977 more words

Fitness Motivation

Avoiding Cliches

Cliches are another potential pitfall for writers. While I’m not necessarily as militant as some (I once had a creative writing teacher who wanted us to weed out every last cliche from our writing), cliches, overall, speak to laziness on the part of the writer. 617 more words

Avoiding Stereotypes

One of the most important things to remember in our writing is that we need to avoid stereotyping. For many of us, that will seem like an easy enough task: We’ve been told over and over again that stereotyping is bad. 506 more words

Rain on My Window

rain at last on
my windowpane

thought we might
never see you again

but here you are in
Oakland, dirtying up

the windows flooding
up the gutters and… 25 more words

Urban Landscape

How "is" can be "good"

As a writer author novelist – well, okay, author * – language intrigues me. And as an author, I try to avoid clichés. A (fairly new) one that I’ve come to dislike a lot is: “It is what it is.” 238 more words