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Small Pleasures

More tropes, less rules

Let’s talk about tropes.

Tropes, in the sense I’m using it, are clichés. Character types, plots, settings, etc., that are frequently–if not overly–used: sexy vampires, rogue space captains, headstrong princesses, sibling/parent villain/hero pairs, English-speaking medieval provinces, noble thieves, run-down smuggler ships. 972 more words


Love is Patient, Love is Kind. Love means slowly losing your mind

I had an epiphany last night.

There is always a cliché that debunks another cliché.

For example:

“Nice guys finish last.” Most guys –or everyone, I suppose—views this with a negative connotation. 155 more words


Studying physics in a jumpsuit

Studying physics in a jumpsuit

As you all know I love fashion. I love following the newest trends and pick the ones I like the most. 537 more words


My Top Ten Paranormal YA Fiction Cliches

I’m currently reading Tangled by Emma Chase but that’s not what this post is about. A review of that sizzling book shall come later. Well, if I’m being honest, it’s going to be as soon as I can put up posts with Images. 1,609 more words


"Love makes the world go round. Love is blind. All you need is love. Nobody ever died of a broken heart. You’ll get over it. It’ll be different when we’re married. Think of the children. Time’s a great healer. It's the cliches that cause the trouble."

-Jeanette Winterson, Written on the Body

What is in a cliche? What makes a line a cliche? Why do treasured phrases turn into cliches?
These overused, overworked, overplayed phrases get thrown at us like sand in a sandstorm. 261 more words