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Cullen's Whiplash Writing Tutorials: Comedic Commandos

You may have noticed that people like to make jokes about things. They like to laugh at things in the world around them, whether just to unwind or to help them forget what those things actually signify. 1,170 more words


Awkward Goodbyes.... Or the Art of Adieu

The sun in your eyes made some of the lies worth believing.

I have never heard that one. I just googled goodbye clichés as for some reason this morning, winter seems to have made an early visit to my brain – that is to say it is frozen. 663 more words


All about the waist...

I woke up this morning with this song running through my head…

It might be guilt… due to the fact I did not partake on my planned run last night and I definitely ate two dinners last night. 1,301 more words


Damned if you do, damned if you don’t: clichés on your résumé

The summary statement began with: “Results-oriented Marketing Professional…” As if my hand had a mind of its own, I circled Results-oriented and wrote “Ugh” next to it. 545 more words

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Pardon the Cliche

Pardon the cliche, but destruction is beautiful.
Rebuilding isn’t easy, but so long as that journey begins then you have something.
And something is better than nothing. 151 more words


Are clichés always bad?

Writers are often warned against the use of clichés. In fact their prohibition has become so widespread that it’s become – well, a bit of a cliché. 780 more words


Rhetorical Questions #6

Q: Can the pen be any mightier than the sword?

A: Don’t run with…scissors