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low tone to town

We rested out of the shade in the cool air

Empty glass filling the space

That had grown between us

My detachment as clear as the air… 58 more words

The Reader's Guide to Journalists

Rule No. 54: “At first glance” means we started with this lede, but the reporting didn’t pan out.

Read all the rules.


I really am a Cliché

Well I entered my second poetry contest….the first one was entered minus my consent or knowledge by my fifth grade teacher. I won third place. 218 more words


Dogged Clichés

Haven’t been posting here loyally because I’ve been sick as a dog. Heh…which brings to mind the issue of clichés. In specific, dog clichés! 266 more words

Grammar & Style

When Things Go Wrong

Breathe in.

A lot went wrong today. Granted, a lot has been going wrong. But today felt particularly worse because I was mostly if not completely responsible. 189 more words

I don’t send out xmas cards, but if you say “git r’ dun” or “there’s your sign” on anywhere near a regular basis you really aren’t getting one.


YOLO Girls: Episode 10: On My Own

Denelle Logan looked over the closed casket and sighed, deeply. She smoothed out a wrinkle in her black satin dress and tried to concentrate on what the preacher was saying. 4,445 more words