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Space: Above and Beyond - Toy Soldiers (Review)

This November (and a little of December), we’re taking a trip back in time to review the third season of The X-Files and the first (and only) season of… 2,243 more words


Rhetorical Questions #10

Q: Does the camera really add ten pounds?

A: The bear market is…floating


Sandwich Ranking Index

Food is not nutrition.

The act of eating is biologically inevitabile. Woe is a fed-up stomach. But to eat – as it is to breathe – means to live. 280 more words


Band of Lovers

Colors are many – resistance is strong

But banded together, they roll one and all.

No matter what exists at the core of this throng… 85 more words


@unspirational mocks quotes & cliché sayings

If you’re tired of the many run-of-the-mill inspirational or hipster quotes flooding your various social media feeds, then Instagram account @unspirational is right up your alley. 35 more words


Adult Winter vs. Kid Winter: A Dreadful Disparity

As a child, the first sight of snow was bliss. The prospect of a big dump offered blockbuster tobogganing or cancelled classes. Both options were larger-than-life at the time, because life was outright effortless. 371 more words

That's SO Cliche

This time last year I was hugely pregnant and very overdue.

That’s me the day I went into labour (Mica was born just after midnight). Click… 67 more words