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Email Marketing: Testimonials help increase click through rate, get more CTA conversions.

So how can you increase the click through rate and conversion from your emails ? In simple terms how can you increase the chances of your recipient taking that next step by clicking on that button or link after reading your email ? 717 more words

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Setting Your PPC Budget – OR NOT

One of the most common pay per click (PPC) misconceptions I come into contact with is the budget capping vs cost per acquisition (CPA) approach to bidding strategy. 757 more words

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email marketing: 8 strategies


Email marketing can be very confusing, but with the right information it can be done quite simply. The article in the link outlines 8 ways people can strategize to improve their business’s email marketing and open rates.

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The benefits of a personalized subject line

This article from the Huffington talks about how you can improve your email marketing in the competitive world with personalized subject lines. There was a survey done that asked marketers to talk about the results that they saw after they did this. 35 more words

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