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Make dressage more rewarding! Workshop near Dromore, Northern Ireland, Saturday 13th September 2014

Have you ever wondered how you could put a little more sparkle into your tests?
Perhaps you feel your horse needs you to continually nag and niggle at them to put more effort in? 282 more words

clicking obsession.

I can’t control myself anymore. I click and I click. I have clicked over 100 billion times. Yes, seriously. 36 more words


Evasions, avoidance... The pitfalls of pressure based training?

I recently saw this image and I couldn’t resist sharing it with a few comments from the behaviour/ training viewpoint . 

Training with pressure/discomfort/pain works by tapping into natural escape or avoidance responses. 541 more words

The Clicker Commandments

Some time ago I was told about the clicker commandments and they really did make me chuckle. Being as amusing as they are, they are also pretty sound ‘rules’ for using a clicker, so I thought I’d share them with you :) 179 more words


Particle Clicker



Having played Cookie Clicker before and having enjoyed studying physics, I found this to be a brilliant (if addictive) game.


Made for CERN Webfest 2014, the game allows you to run your own particle collider and discover new particles as well as learning more about the physics behind the collider.





NBKP - Bankers Pen

Proudly Presents the…

Bankers Pen with Black Ink

                  Today we’d like to introduce one of the more sleek and classy looking pens that we do. It’s our brand new banker’s style pen  73 more words

Advertising Specialties

Adestramento em casa com clicker! Quando começar?! Como recompensar e quanto tempo de treino?!

Esta louca pra começar a adestrar seu peludo em casa não é mesmo?!
Adoro ensinar truques pros meus, alem de ser super bonitinho o cachorro fazendo o truque que a gente manda, esses treinos acabam sendo uma brincadeira super divertida para o cachorro e até ajuda a acalma-lo. 459 more words