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Barking Is Fun.

IN the last several months, a couple of our dogs have escalated a behaviour that many people dislike – barking when someone comes to the door. 364 more words

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This Dog Shuts Down...

My working bred Australian Shepherd Tommy came to us as a worried dog, not sure of anything, afraid of vehicles, and if you look at him wrong or lift your arms, he freezes with his ears back, and puts his head down in a cower. 230 more words

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NBKP - Bankers Pen

Proudly Presents the…

Bankers Pen with Black Ink

                  Today we’d like to introduce one of the more sleek and classy looking pens that we do. It’s our brand new banker’s style pen  73 more words

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In America, dogs are the most popular pet. Training them can prove to be both a rewarding experience and a hassle. Many owners are not sure what the best method of training is. 284 more words

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What to do if your horse doesn't listen? (A question about Clicker training)

I get that question a lot lately. A horse has to to what the riders asks, is a motto most riders have. Otherwise he is ‘testing you’, ‘disobedient’ , ‘disrespecting you’ or ‘he will become the leader’ and what not. 585 more words

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Sorry, Chromecast, All Our Hearts Belong to Fire TV Stick: It's the Clicker

Fire TV Stick has won the hearts in our household of two generalists and one techie. Google Chromecast may have been my favorite, but I’m waffling. 1,121 more words


Review: Clik-R

When I was younger, our family dog was a Chihuahua named Mickey, and we did everything wrong with him! He was an aggressive little terror that we spoiled to no end–and it was little surprise that my friends soon dubbed him, “The Devil’s Spawn.” But he was… 471 more words