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A Thank You to Book Reviewers

I just found two really great reviews of my book on the American Amazon. They are quite old but I had somehow never seen them. A belated thank you to both reviewers, your comments are appreciated. 247 more words


tahukah anda?

ketika melatih guguk atau peliharaan lain, ketika kita bilang “Good boy” or “Good girl”, itu mesti sama terus suaranya supaya ga bikin dia bingung? 126 more words


Laker Comes to Visit! And I Go to My First Movie!

So, a couple weeks ago mom had my friend Laker over for a whole week! He was just going to come over for a night or two but ended up staying a lot longer which was awesome! 1,212 more words

Socializing Puppies to Surfaces and Sounds - clicker dog training

I am in Germany staying with the breeder Katja Pohlers Of Silent Storm border collies. I am picking up a puppy for my spouse. Our puppy’s name is Lumos. 16 more words

The Last of Us Porting Over To PS4 This Summer

The Last of US is apparently moving on up to the PlayStation 4 this summer, PlayStation’s Eurasian Software Market Manager Sercan Sulun confirmed in an interview on Turkish CNN, translated by… 134 more words


The First Step is Admitting. I'm Not Ready for Whatever Step 2 Is

Hi. I’m Zaq. And I’m a cookie clicker addict. I’ve been clicking for 83 days now, and it’s been presented to me that I may have a problem. 301 more words

Karen Pryor i-Click Dog Training Clicker, 3 Clickers

Must-have training tool for sound-sensitive pets
Easy to use in any position
Small enough to hide in your palm
Activates with just a small amount of pressure… 19 more words