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If you want to see change, don't just tweet about it

This “Saturday Night Live” opener from January 17 was funny and sad at the same time. This bit of conversation is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time: 183 more words


Save Everything!!

Over the past few months, my inbox, Facebook timeline and Twitter feed has been inundated with passionate cries to save the Buffalo Bar, Madame Jojo’s and London’s iconic Denmark Street. 839 more words

Wrestling with Slacktivsm

I started this blog post intending to publish a pithy New Year’s “let’s all promise to not do this anymore” post. But it seems to have outgrown my assumptions. 1,383 more words


On TV to talk about clicktivism, social media and trolling

I was asked to be a guest on a TV show (to air yesterday I believe) to talk about social media, and thought I’d share some of the Q&A and my notes. 1,329 more words


Top Words of 2014

This year has seen unparalleled word creation, given the potent combination of rapid technological change which creates the need for new words with the meme-generating powers of the internet. 402 more words

Top 10

#CameronMustGo is dead, long live #CameronMustGo?

If you’ve been on Twitter at all these past couple of weeks, you will doubtless have noticed #CameronMustGo trending somewhere around the top of the dashboard. 704 more words


Row Row Fight tha Powah!

Cue that theme music.

Sometimes ‘torches-and-pitchforks’ is the RIGHT answer.

Most of the time it isn’t, but sometimes it is.

The recent rash of protests and riots over the less-recent incidents involving police killings of black criminals serve as a collective example of violence as the -WRONG- answer. 543 more words

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