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Is voting the ultimate slacktivism?

Facebook launched the ‘I’m a Voter’ button ahead of Scottish Referendum. It has previously been used during the last three US elections, for the EU parliamentary election, and in the Indian general election – where the megaphone reached 31 million people and 4.3 million people shared that they had voted.

Is voting the ultimate slacktivism?

The ALS Ice Bucket Chellenge

Here is a nifty little inforgraph we created.

It explores how the ALS became not only a viral sensation, but an effective use of clicktivism


Anh hùng bàn phím

Vào năm ngoái, UNICEF chi nhánh Thụy Điển đưa ra một thông điệp truyền thông khá khác thường: “hãy like chúng tôi trên Facebook, và không đứa trẻ nào được tiêm văcxin phòng bại liệt”. 1,283 more words

Vietnamese Writings

What if Martin Luther King, Jr had used Facebook?

Would things have been different if Martin Luther King, Jr had used Facebook?

“Enthusiasts for social media would no doubt have us believe that King’s task in Birmingham would have been made infinitely easier had he been able to communicate with his followers through Facebook, and contented himself with tweets from a Birmingham jail. 133 more words


Palestinians have responded with their own version of the craze – the Rubble Bucket Challenge. The idea is simple: raise awareness for the political situation in Gaza by replacing ice and water with debris from bombed-out buildings. 106 more words

Clickly, hurry up please.

The phenomenon of clicktivism has sprang into our lives in the past few years as the social networking craze has spread around the world. Who would have thought 10 years ago that you could save the rainforest, stop child hunger, support a political candidate or a multitude of other things from the comfort of your own home by clicking a mouse. 687 more words

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Slacktivism or Activism poll

The way the Ice Bucket challenge is set up with the ice-drenching being an alternative to contributing actual money means the charity part remains a postscript. 116 more words