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The Dangers of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


This is the root of my skepticism for the whole ice bucket challenge. It’s all a little overwhelming the way we can all be so hoodwinked into movements centered around clicktivism: the moment there happens a movement like the Ice Bucket challenge, you’re probably already giving money to an organization that has a surplus, from the sheer number of people that did the challenge before you. 592 more words

Throwing Water on SMA Awareness Month?

The Ice Bucket Challenge is the meme of the month. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the idea is that, if called out or “tagged” via social media, you dump a bucket of ice water on your head or donate $100 to the ALS Association. 333 more words

Ice, Ice Baby

I temporarily deactivated my Facebook account last night.


Because if I see one more person having iced water thrown over their head, I might well just say something in the heat of the moment I regret. 1,511 more words

First Post

Media to Go

A perfect, and very current, way of using mobile camera technologies is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

This is a perfect link into my group web feature. 141 more words


In defence of the 'clicktivist' et al

For the longest time I have observed social justice campaigns go viral on social media through gritted teeth. When the campaign to take down Kony went viral I was so incredibly cynical. 601 more words

Why The Ice Bucket Challenge Makes Me Sick

As one friend recently told me, I often tend to succumb to the all-too-familiar temptation of employing elaborate narratives to conceal spite. For whatever merits the phenomenon of a contemporary  760 more words

Developing Ideas for the Web Feature

This week we learnt about participatory media, so i developed some ideas in how this can relate to my groups web feature

Initial ideas that were thrown around was based on Julia’s question about social media: the effectiveness of being a ‘clicktivist’ – does it actually contribute to any social change at all? 483 more words