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Commonwealth Games clicktivism- getting BP out of sponsoring sports 'n' culture #climate

We, the undersigned, believe that we should enjoy sport, the arts and culture without oil sponsorship. For a small price, BP and other oil companies sponsor events like the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics in order to appear generous, socially responsible and “green” – when nothing could be further from the truth! 225 more words


Not #Manchester-based; Petition to save the Arctic -- Greenpeace versus Lego (yes, Lego!)


LEGO are rattled. First our video was removed from Youtube. Hours later, it was put back after thousands of us voiced our outcry!

But LEGO are still refusing to meet us. 274 more words


Slacktivism: Raising Awareness

Does clicking a “Like” button on a web site really accomplish anything useful?

By Brian Dunning via skeptoid
Read transcript below or listen here

“Slacktivism” is a portmanteau of slacker activism. 572 more words


Amplifyd helps lobby for the little guy [UPDATED]

I just learned about a start-up that brings lobbying to the masses. It’s called Amplifyd, and it allows you to purchase a phone call in support of an issue you care about. 642 more words