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Client Server in java

Client-Server Connection using ObjectOutputStream & ObjectInputStream in JAVA.

In Client/Server applications the server normally listens to a specific port waiting for connection requests from a client. 510 more words



A. Konsep Dasar Replikasi

Replika adalah hasil replikasi satu relasi data atau fragmen relasi yang dapat disimpan pada lebih dari satu tempat, jumlah replika fragmen relasi tidak harus sama untuk satu relasi. 1,147 more words

Client Server

Introduction to Networking


A computer network is a collection of computers and devices which are interconnected together in order to communicate with each other. The concept of networking was mainly developed to share information and resources through the communication media. 271 more words

Computer Networks

The Web Layers: from Design to Programming to Architecture

Good morning people, today we are launching the week at ProgSchedule with this topic: the Web Layers. More than devising the difference between concepts, it is important to know the role and little of history about each of this components. 636 more words

Web Programming

Online multiplayer proof-of-concept

I’ve been working on a framework for a multiplayer arena fighting game – think Super Smash Bros Brawl -, that is playable online. This post is a cleaned-up, edited and re-organized version of the diary that recorded the development of this proof-of-concept project. 10,662 more words

Kasus Integrasi Aplikasi Web, Pembuatan Web Application berbasis PHP (integrasiTerima.php)

Hai wordpress.

kali ini saya akan menjelaskan codingan dari salah satu file.

ibarat ini adalah aplikasi client server.

yaitu file “integrasiTerima.php” yang berada pada komputer client. 500 more words